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GSP is a True Gentleman

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:16pm
Seriously. This guy is a stud. I'm a big fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship . I know a lot of people consider it barbaric and distasteful, but these guys are some serious athletes - even more so than boxers. This post, however, is about Georges St Pierre (or GSP, as he's commonly called).

GSP is a gentleman in the sense of his character. While he was not wealthy or nobly born, GSP has gone from a kid who grew up in a rough and tumble neighborhood to a man with a strong sense of honor who is gracious to those he beats and those he loses to.

A true gentleman has within himself the desire and the ability to be better . Every single fight that I've seen, GSP has improved some aspect of his skills. Not an easy thing to do when you're at the level that he's at.

A gentleman doesn't taunt his enemies . A lot of fighters do, but not GSP. He's always gracious before and after his fights, whether he wins or loses. He even went so far as to admit he was overmatched when he fought Matt Serra and lost in the first round.

His speech is that of a gentleman . Even when he was angry in the preliminary interviews before his last fight, GSP still used polite words as he was expressing his opinion, and after the fight was over, he praised his opponent and told the crowd what a good job he did.

He reaches out the hand of fellowship after conflict is resolved. It's so easy to hold a grudge. Remember when we were kids on the playground we got in a fight with someone? After a few punches were thrown we were usually able to walk away friends. That's how GSP still acts. He even told the crowd that he and Matt Serra were going to go have a beer together.

Now, I don't know if GSP acts this way in every day life, but if you can maintain this sort of sprezzatura in a martial setting, then I would imagine you can do it in day to day life. If this is the case, GSP would make an excellent husband , ladies. Besides, take a look at those abs. Who wouldn't be excited to marry this guy?

I know Adam would (just a test to see if you read this).
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