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Great ideas often receive violen...

Posted Sep 12 2008 6:57pm

Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds. - Albert Einstein

Recently I have been having a disagreement of sorts with one of my groups regarding an idea I am starting to implement. Every time I start to talk about the ideas that I have, the group responds with “traditional” thinking and why this idea is not going to work. I take feedback seriously but sometimes a voice nags at me that says, “But you don’t know me. You don’t know what I accomplish once I set my mind to it.”

I cannot open up everyone’s head and pour in the GPYP philosophy of thinking outside the box, expanding the comfort zone and building a new frame of reference. I grew frustrated trying to impart my vision on them and then I realized they are not me. They haven’t accomplished what I have accomplished and can’t “see” it. They might think the risks I am willing to take are too risky for them. They might not know how to “go for it.” I know because I’ve spent years doing just that and making my dreams come true.

I spend hours each day visualizing it, affirming it and planning it with short-term and long-term goals and working toward it. I know it can happen because I’ve made lots of things happen that others told me was not possible.

When I was applying to law schools I hired a “law school admission consultant” and she told me not to apply to Berkeley because I wouldn’t get in (I did and I did ), not to use my admission essay because it smacked of “literature” and not a life story (I used mine and I got in), and not to pass up scholarships because the student loans would be exhorbitant (I did and they aren’t). I could say that I wasted my money with her (I probably did) but it was her resistance to my ideas that actually solidified, for me, that my way was the way to go. That is how it works, for me, with most things.

As I stated in several posts on here, your goals must not be unrealistic (ie becoming an American Idol if you can’t sing) but they should stretch the imagination somewhat and be reachable. Even if you don’t reach them, you will learn from the experience. You will learn how to think outside the box, how to expand your comfort zones, how to plan and how to tweak your goals when necessary. As I’ve posted before, my goal was to come back to my hometown of NYC and that didn’t happen directly. I had to take a circuitous route through Texas and when I made that adjustment, everyone said it was the death knell for my plans to come back to NY. It wasn’t…I just couldn’t come back immediately…I had to refine my goals and the steps to reach them. Sometimes the answer is not no but “not now.”

You can’t hear the answer if you never ask the question. You can’t win the lottery if you don’t play. If you sit on the sidelines and let mediocre minds keep you there, you will never become the success you know, in your heart of hearts, you can be.

Get rid of negative messages, both inside and out.

Affirm and visualize and set those goals today.

Reach for the stars.

You just might make it.

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