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Got A Case of Emotional Horniness?

Posted Sep 01 2011 6:45pm

You know the feeling: It's not quite about sex...more the need to feel emotionally connected/bonded/attracted to someone. The single life can be nothing short of outstanding if you own it and take advantage of all your freedom has to offer. However, living even the most fabulous of single lives does not exempt you from yearning for intimacy. You miss hugs, cuddles, slow kisses, having a guy look at you and smile, and the feeling of knowing that he is really into you. 

You may be experiencing emotional horniness if:

Yikes! How does one deal when emotional horniness starts to reach its brink? Here's a few do's and don'ts to getting yourself off emotionally...
  • Do have girls night in. Why not make it a slumber party. May sound trite, but they're even cooler than they were in the 3rd grade, what with wine, R-rated movies, and conversation about things other than reaching 1st base.
  • Don't sleep with the random d-bag just because you're holding out hope that he's a spooner. Odds are you won't have and emotional orgasm or a real one. 
  • Do keep reading the dirty novels! Nothing wrong with the mental satisfaction that they bring.
  • Don't hit on your friend's boyfriend...or your friend's friend's boyfriend. He's not flirting with you he's being nice...and if he is hitting on you then he's a d-bag and you should run for the hills. As should she.
  • Do have a girls night out...or two, or three, or 100. But this time make it about the girls. After all, there are an infinite amount of subjects in this world to discuss other than men (says the dating blogger). 
  • Don't isolate yourself from the world. Being in the company of others (even animals) can help.
  • Do have a night out with your guy friends. Being around all the testosterone sans romantic feelings of any kind can be a definite boost. Go into it care free: sans heavy makeup, your hair in a knot on top of your head and donning jeans and tank. Better yet, if it's a sporting event there are sure to an abundance of platonic hugs and hi-fives. Go team!
  • Don't eat your feelings. Meaning do not use emotional horniness as an excuse to overindulge in unhealthy foods. While in the moment they may seem to make you feel better, but fact is unhealthy eating habits make you feel worse, both physically AND emotionally. Now you'll have two problems on your hands.
  • Do pump up the endorphins. You know, that natural tranquilizer produced in the brain that leads to calmness and euphoria. Engage in endorphin inducing activities such as listening to soothing music, exercising, soaking up some sun (don't forget the spf 50), and laughing as much as possible. FYI-increasing endorphin levels makes you crave unhealthy foods less!
  • Don't stumble back into your ex's bed for hugs and cuddles. You'd just be replacing emotional horniness with emotional hostility. No bueno. 
  • Do take yourself off the market for awhile. Meaning don't allow yourself to date for a month or two. Purposely taking yourself out of the game for a second to focus on other things can ease the pressure and force yourself to find other sources of emotional stimuli. 
  • Don't put yourself down. Just because there's no man to give you that emotional fix does not mean that you can't live a fun, fulfilled life. Singles are not the only ones plagued with severe emotional horniness. Many couples endure this type of feeling when relationships become mundane, distrustful, or unhealthy. So remember, it's not just you. Being in a relationship doesn't automatically exempt you from hardships such as these. The difference is, in a relationship it takes two to fix it. As a singleton, you have the advantage of being solely responsible and capable of alleviating your emotional horniness. So, get off your couch and go get yourself off! 
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