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Good men who lead a boring life are boring 98

Posted Apr 07 2010 4:31am
'Bad boys lie, cheat, but they are fun"
Gone cycling
It is precisely because of opinions like this one that relationships are so difficult. Relationships are not really that difficult, they just become difficult and complex if people do not choose the right mate. If a woman chooses a “bad boy” then she must expect a bad relationship and must not complain about the relationship or about men in general. If a woman willfully chooses a man who lies and cheats then she lacks self-respect. Anybody that enters into a relationship with a partner who is risky and very obviously bad is setting themself up for failure and they do not deserve any sympathy, ever. The reason these women defend the bad guy and portray him as exciting is because they know they cannot get a GOOD man who IS also exciting. Good men are NOT BORING. Good men who lead a boring life are boring. And, women who lead boring lives seek excitement from bad men because they don’t know how to create their own. Anybody who fills their life with excitement and who is committed to living a great life and actively pursues their life dreams is not boring.
The man who is a workaholic (because he HAS NO hobbies) and comes home at night and falls onto the couch in front of the TV and shuffles his way through weekends is boring. But even he will find his match in a woman who is equally sedentary and unexcitable, and they might be quite happy and content with their lives. But for a woman to consciously seek out a bad partner due to the perceived excitement that they create through their badness is just plain stupid. These women probably fit into one of two categories: 1. They have an extremely low sense of self-worth and zero self-respect brought about through circumstances, but are also too emotionally paralysed to do anything about it. 2. They are stupid, empty-headed and boring and will just NEVER get that these “exciting” guys use them and then dump them. Even these bad men with bad temperaments and bad traits have zero respect for these women, who unfortunately perpetuate the oft-held belief that “women are stupid” and crave love and affection so much that they will stoop to any level to get it. You see, these men are a very different breed and the cream of the male crop, so to speak! They are also not spread far and wide, and due to the kind of life that they have plotted for themselves they are also very picky about the women that they choose – not content on being with a woman who will drag them down or try to latch on to them for a “free ride” instead of pursuing her own goals or finding things that excite HER. It is easier for people to go with the flow and not use too much effort or physical exertion to live a great life. It’s so much easier to just eat whatever you want and get fat in front of the television. It’s so much easier to drink whole kegs of beer and get a big gut than do any form of exercise. It’s easier to get your high from drugs instead of “risking your life” paragliding.
But, thankfully, there are men (and women) in the world who have made it their objective and life’s purpose to live the best life they possibly can, doing all kinds of activates, getting involved in some way and just staying on a path of continual GROWTH and IMPROVEMENT. When these men and women find teach other they have near-perfect, if not perfect, relationships. It is simply not true that good = boring and bad = exciting. But then again it depends on the definition of exciting. From what I have read on this blog exciting has a different meaning. It means cheating, beating up women, lying, getting drunk, taking drugs, and just generally being wild. Well, there’s nothing exciting about that kind of immature and loser mentality. These men are jerks to the nth degree, but then I don’t care that they are because I don’t go after those kinds of guys and they do not influence my life in any way.
For me the really exciting guys are the one’s with interests beyond work and the four wall of their homes. There’s a world out there to be discovered, there are mountains to climb, oceans to dive, rivers to raft. There are marathons to run and bike races to do and caves to explore. There are charities to support, good deeds to do, orphans to take to the sea. There are parties with loads of friends where everybody laughs and has a good time and nobody needs to smoke pot to do so. Friends to exchange ideas with and tell your dreams to who will be excited for you and want to do the things with you. These are the REALLY exciting people in the world. They are SOBER and they’re having a bloody good time. And they’re going to lie on their death beds on day and say “I had a good life”, while the bad people are going to just lie there wishing they had done things differently. Wishing that they could have gazed at the stars or cycled in the rain.


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