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Good Husband Deeds - Sarah

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:43pm
My husband does many good deeds :-)

1) he knew that when he went on deployment, and I was lonely he bought me a doggy so that we have a pet, but also so I am not lonley next time he goes on deployment.

2) I have a dentist appt this Thursday. Due to bad childhood, my teeth need some major work. My biggest fear is having to have all my teeth pulled and have false teeth before I'm 25. And him not loving me anymore. He's gone above and beyond convincing me that he will love me no matter what!!!

3) In the begginning of our marriage I told him a story about how when I was really little, I had a bog cabbage patch kid and loved him so much. I described him well, and for our 1st christmas he went on ebay and found an exact replica nearly of the doll I had as a kid...I cried :-)

Those are a few things he has done in our 1 1/2 of marriage!

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