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Good Husband Deeds - Annie Ferrin

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:43pm

There are literally thousands of good deeds my husband has done for me. I must confess that picking just one was no easy task. I could tell you how after a really long day on my feet yesterday, my husband, of his own accord, got the lotion and rubbed my calves and feet until I was almost asleep. Or, I could tell you how I was feeling overwhelmed this past weekend, and while I was in another room, he quickly gathered up the kids, put coats and shoes on all 3 of them, and took them to the store to do MY grocery shopping so I could have a nap (turns out he had a migraine too...MAN)! But, I think I'll go for one of my classic favorites. When we were very first married, the hot water went out in our apartment. I was in serious need of a shower and was doing homework while debating taking a cold one. When I finally decided it was worth it, I went into the bathroom to find that my husband had drawn a hot bath for me...with water he had boiled on all 4 burners in the kitchen! I LOVE him SO much! He is the greatest husband.

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