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Gifts from our Beliefs

Posted May 19 2009 12:00am
Like many people these days, I've done a lot of work to change my limiting beliefs. One idea is that if we choose a new belief and repeat it often enough, it will over-write the old ones. That doesn't work. If you cover a compost heap with a pretty blanket, you still smell the compost. Same concept.

So how can we change the beliefs that limit us or keep us in victim-consciousness? Issues involving money, prosperity, and success have given me the opportunity to find out. When the same situation keeps happening over and over again, that's a sure sign that a very powerful belief, or system of beliefs, is still active within us. We need to look at what our beliefs are in order to see how they keep creating the same things. But how do you find the ones that are unconscious? This is how I did it.

First, I asked what is in me that creates the experience of poverty and failure.
That led to a lot of beliefs I thought I had over-written. Then I understood that we can't force a belief out of our consciousness. We let go of them naturally when we no longer need them, if we're aware enough to look at our beliefs.

It came down to a belief that my needs aren't being met, ever, and that came from a belief in helplessness and being unsupported. A lot of childhood memories were revealed that supported those beliefs. It would have been easy to stop there, but I knew that wasn't the true source because we create our experiences based on our beliefs.

We've been taught that our beliefs are the result of experiences we've had and how we reacted to them, but I think we choose on a deeper level to create certain experiences in order to develop a belief system that will serve a specific purpose. If we do create our life experiences, then we are not victims of our beliefs.

Let's pause here for a moment because that statement's important. We are NOT victims of our beliefs. We chose to create our belief systems to serve the higher goals of our soul for this life. The early experiences we had in life were designed to create those beliefs. Then the beliefs continued to create similar experiences. The problem is that we often live by those beliefs long after they've fulfilled their purpose.

I asked what I created those experiences for; what did I want to gain from having them? That didn't work so I tried to look at it from a soul's perspective. What I created from as far back as in the womb was evidence that the world does not support me. My parents talked about aborting me. At 3 I saw my brother kill our dog. At 4 my father threw me in deep water at the public pool and had to pull me out by my arm because I took in a lot of water and couldn't get back up. It goes on and on, evidences of how unsafe this world is and how helpless I am.

So how was all that a gift?! It prevented me from getting attached to the physical world and comfortable in it. It kept me open to and reaching for Spirit. As a bit of a sensualist, I could have easily become so immersed in the physical world the way it has been up till now, and completely unaware of Spirit. That would not have served my purpose for this life.

In the process of all this, and an entire day of inner searching, I realized two things. One is that I've still held a great deal of anger and resentment towards my parents and siblings. I had blocked out a lot of painful stuff because I didn't want to feel those strong emotions. I had many times chosen to forgive, but never accepted the gift of those experiences. For me, forgiveness was not complete because I neither saw nor accepted the true purpose of them.

The other is that I created all that so that I could be who I am now. When I got that, my body relaxed, my head cleared and energy was restored. I felt a deep peace, and gratitude. I expressed love and appreciation to my belief system of being helpless and unsupported. I talked to it like a living entity, which I think they might be. Then I told those beliefs that they've served me well and I no longer need them. I made the choice to release them based on the fact that they have served their purpose.

I don't know how long it will take to fully release my old beliefs of being helpless and unsupported. What I do know is that they don't have the death grip on me today that they did before I realized how and why I created them. I believe that once we see and accept the gift that our beliefs were created for, we no longer need be controlled by them. The sense of release and freedom feels good!
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