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Get Him Something Little Different This Xmas

Posted Jan 08 2013 4:01pm

Let’s face it, men buying Christmas presents for men is always an uneventful occasion. The potential for disaster is huge, but it rarely happens because we have a trusty portfolio of safe options to choose from. Aftershave is a classic, it shows that you care enough to splash the cash, but it’s pretty hard to get it wrong. Deodorant and shower gel combos are a staple gift. It’s simple but practical, and you can pay a little extra to get the Fcuk, Ted Baker, Diesel branding which makes the present seem smarter. Then there’s the good old escort in London: for your city slicker, it’s a great way to spend a Saturday night, for the out of towner it’s a big night in the big city that he won’t soon forget! Then there’s the inevitable beer or alcohol related present, like giant lager pitchers, and the box sets with the glasses and the little bottles of whisky.

All these things are great, except every man owns them and gets them from everyone. Every. Single. Year. Many find themselves over lathering themselves in an effort to make headway into the small crate worth of shower gel they received last year. The bathroom cabinet is full of half used bottles of aftershave, many of which will never see the light of day again. The little glasses are admittedly pretty cool, but it would be nice to get them in a more organised pattern. Either get singles for all his favourite drinks or make sure they add up to a set. Nothing worse than having a few guys round for a drink, and giving them their liquor in a range of random glasses that make your hospitality look a bit too much like a charity shop bric a brac sale.

So what can you get him that’s a bit different? Well, you could start by actually buying him a set of good whiskey glasses, instead of paying 3 times the price just so you can get a branded glass and a bottle so insignificant that it’s actually mildly annoying. How about a retro slushie maker, so he can relive the good old days next time you come round to play pool? Or a cushion that doubles as a remote control- no, really...- so he never has to leave the sanctity of his sofa on the weekends? There are a number of sites offering a customisable BBQ brand, which will allow him to sear his message into any bit of meat when summer comes round again. Some time with a gorgeous girl might be a tried and true present, but next time you send him to see an escort in London, why not suggest that she add a little spice to his evening? A lot of girls are capable of giving a really good massage, which might be just what he needs after a hard festive period at work.

The important thing is to do something different so that he’ll remember your present. Christmas is all about making your family and friends realise that you care about them. Don’t take the easy option.


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Atherol Beldon is a freelance writer, who contributes to numerous blogs and websites.  He is the Author of    VLondon for the article on London Escort. For more information  Escorts Latvian.
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