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Forgiveness and Flow in Relationships (an invitation)

Posted Sep 28 2011 10:04pm

[This is an invitation to The Forgiveness Telesummi t]

Forgiveness is one of the most significant keys to flow in relationships . The relationships that have shaped and the relationships that will shape the flow of your journey. Forgiveness is crucial for your relationship with yourself.

But then again…

As for me, I used to have rather mixed feelings about it, I have to say.

Because forgiveness implied that there is something to forgive. Because it used to trigger the ugly, humiliating feeling we all know from our childhood. When we did something real bad (or not). And felt sorry for ourselves. And were told to say “I’m sorry” to the other person instead.

Forgiveness implied injustice. It implied pain. Forgiveness implied guilt and separation.

So what is forgiveness anyhow?

On a spiritual path, it is tempting to fly high above the  entire forgiveness issue and just say: There’ no problem. It’s just a story. There is nothing to forgive.   “. 

Because even if it’s completely true, there is one “tiny” problem with that:

We’re not quite there. Not always. ;-)

We’re very human this way, aren’t we.

And you know what? I so appreciate our humanity!

That’s what this journey is about:

It’s about being human too. A human spirit. A spiritual human.

It’s about being everything that you are. Not just the nice part.

And so, on this journey, there is pain. There is anger. There is guilt. And there is forgiveness.  Sometimes.

But then again, along the road…

The  meaning of forgiveness can transform entirely. And then it can transform you.

Whether you like it or not…

Whether it’s intimate relationships, family relationships, business relationships…

Forgiveness brings more flow, more joy, more freedom.

Because honestly…   your relationships are not only defined by how high you can fly (sometimes…) or by how  much how deep you can go  ( sometimes…) but  more than anything by how much you can flow with and truly embrace the diversity of the people that cross your path (all the time!)

I look forward to sharing more on this topic at the Forgiveness Telesummit . And I’m honored to be part of an event where 33 dedicated spiritual  teachers, healers,  coaches and authors come forward to share their spiritual wisdom as much as their  very human experience of Forgiveness.

I warmly invite you to join us on this Forgiveness journey

The Forgiveness Telesummit 2011

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