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For One Day, Choose Peace

Posted Sep 21 2008 12:00am
If you read this blog, you know that I have spent much of my life in struggle and fear. My relationships and life situations for many years were anything but peaceful. Through it all, one thing has worked every time to bring me back to a center of peace. It's the peace meditation I developed that begins in my own heart and concludes with the entirety of the universe.

I know that when you're struggling, hurting, and living in fear, peace seems a distant dream, but it is possible to create, to claim, even brief moments of peace in the midst of it. You can do this for yourself. You owe it to yourself. You need to find some peace within in order to heal your heart and recreate your life into something beautiful, loving, and supportive.

If you make that commitment to yourself on this very day, you will find it easier than any other day because millions of people will be supporting you. Every person who focuses their thoughts and heart on peace is making it easier for every other person to experience peace. I invite you to try the peace meditation I developed for yourself today. Let this be the day that you begin to know real peace.

The beautiful thing about this simple peace meditation is that it not only restores me to peace; it also contributes to the energy of peace for all beings, for all that is. I think that's important. Blessing others always blesses us in the process. Supporting the experience of peace for others also increases our own experience of peace.

Today is World Peace Day.
Millions of people all over the world are focusing their thoughts and feelings on peace throughout the day. Together, we can move mountains...or stop war.

Please visit Inner Peace, Real Peace, Now for information on how you can support the intention of peace for all beings.

We must BE peace within before we can create peace in our world, so the first half of that page is devoted to developing inner peace. The simple peace meditation I mentioned is explained fully there. The rest of the page list events, organizations, and activities for creating peace in our world.

Please join us in the energy of peace today with your thoughts, emotions, and intentions. It would be great if you would leave a comment telling us what you did today to participate in World Peace Day.

Peaceful Blessings,
Jacqueline Stone
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