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Football, scotch and tight ends...

Posted Sep 22 2008 8:07pm
You know you’re in the south when the confederate flag is worn as an accessory.

Going to a football game in the south allows you to remember you are indeed, in the south.

I went to a foot ball game on Sunday.

I had tickets on the 50 yard line- about 8 rows up- Phenomenal seats.

As Snoop Dog said in the Starsky and Hutch movie-

I know some people who know some people….

I was checking out “tight ends” as the men sitting next to me were checking out cheerleaders.

I had my wing woman with me- a good friend who I have a blast with whenever we are together.

I had asked a guy friend- who I knew if I asked would know it wasn’t a date- but he didn’t get his act together in time- which ended up working out wonderfully because my friend and I couldn’t have had more fun.

We started the game with a beer- but eventually graduated to Bloody Marys and some extremely salty French fries.

We were sitting next to four very nice men who were on their 6th year of sitting in those same seats. The one sitting next to me could have been Mike Ditka’s twin. He wasn’t too proud of that- but never the less…I had to bring it up.

My friend and I came back from getting our Bloody Marys and french-fries and as I sat down I offered him some fries. He did not want one but took the opportunity to make the ridiculous comment of, “You girls are so cool. I like it when a couple can share Bloody Marys and fries.”

As soon as he said it I looked at him and smiled and said, “You couldn’t be any more obvious if you were sitting here with a pole and bait.” He laughed and knew I had busted him-

And of course he said, “Well a guy can always hope.”


At a football game?

Guys are still hoping for a little girl on girl action or at least the thought of it?


By the time we left I was testosteroned out. From the cat calls I got getting my drinks or going to the restroom- and I was dressed in Gym clothes- sweating my ass off- to the deafening comments
flying out of the row of guy’s mouths behind me.

The tight ends were nice though:)

See, I am such a hypocrite.

We left and met friends at a sports bar to watch the rest of the games. More fries, chicken wings, fried pickles.

I woke up this morning and you would have thought I was Asian…with how my eyes had transformed from the salt.

I had to work out an extra hour today just to justify in my mind the crap I consumed yesterday.

Saturday I met some friends who were in town to cover the game-

I put on a black top and a gold very form fitting pencil skirt-

In my twenties I didn’t appreciate my curves at all- I didn’t own them.

In fact- I tried to ignore them and hide them.

But the curvier I have become- and yes, it seems it is still a process in motion- the more I appreciate being a woman.

So now I show my junk in the trunk and the ride of my thighs-

Being a woman is a beautiful thing-

I had a delicious meal and delectable wine- ending the night with a scotch and some good music.

I don’t understand why they put those little sippy straws in a glass of scotch? Seems like an oxymoron to me...

J.R. Ewing wouldn’t be caught dead drinking scotch from a little straw-

So there you have my weekend-

Football, scotch and some tight ends-

Who could ask for more?

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