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Flow: Why it looks like it’s all about money when it’s not

Posted Aug 23 2011 10:11pm

Money is not what life is about. It just looks like it is! :lol:

Seriously: You might wonder – I sometimes wondered myself – why I made money flow the main “current” of the Flow~Integration journey , when it really isn’t about money at all?

It is about Flow, as in: Flowing with joy. And it is about: Integration, as in: Bringing it all together. Bringing it all back home. Home to you. What’s money got to do with that?

Nothing. And, everything.

It’s like with your body you know. What you see is not what you get!  ;-) I mean, there’s so much more to it – there’s so much more to your physical existence than what you see…

Your body is a physical expression of EVERYTHING that you are: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically… So is your money flow! All the above, plus what you are here for, what you are and can be in the world, how you relate with other people in generally, how you relate with yourself, and so so much more…

And therefore, even if this work is not about money – it is about you! – it is about flow! – it is about joy! – and money is a wonderful instrument to work with! It is so tangible! So “countable” :-) (even if only on the surface…).

Money seems to be one of the main hindrances between you and flow, you and joy. And when it does  it doesn’t feel wonderful at all… That’s what so many of you say in our conversations, in emails, in survey responses….

And it’s not because your bank account sets you free and makes you happy, but because your relationship with money can.

Notice that? It’s not about money as such. It is about your relationship with money. It does call for some serious transformation for most of us. From fear to joy, just to mention one common challenge.

So that’s one of the things that we’re doing together. It looks like it’s about money. But it really is about you flowing, growing and shining!

By the way, I want to make sure that it’s not only how  I want it but also how you want it!  So if there’s anything about the program that you’d like me to clarify, or add or even change let me know and I will definitely look into it.

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