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Flow questions: Preparing for the journey (every day)

Posted Mar 07 2012 10:01pm

There is the journey. And then there is the journey within the journey within the journey…
Flow is infinite and within it a new journey begins every day, every week, every month and year…

Even if it’s part of the journey to be caught unprepared ;-) and even if this journey is about traveling light, there are a few “things” that you definitely want to bring along and you can prepare through asking yourself  a few fundamental flow questions

Even if a Flow journey is by design and to a certain degree a journey into unknown, more often than not, you do have a sense of direction or purpose.

How do you currently envision your purpose (or your direction in life)?

Every journey has its challenges and, as we all know ;-) , some challenges do require a strong dedication.  Having a sense of direction certainly will strengthen yours.

How strong is your dedication, presently? How far are you willing to go? How deep?

At the end of the day your ultimate destination is you you coming home to yourself.  This perhaps is the most important guiding light for your journey: To the degree you can, be true to yourself at all times  – in your choices, expressions and actions.

At this point, what does  ‘being true to yourself’ mean to you?

It means a lot of things I’m sure, and it certainly does include your values. You don’t necessarily need to have an intellectual list of what your values are. However, when it comes to making choices, your values  what you feel is of value to you at any given time are of greatest significance.

What feels like fundamental values to you, currently?

I hope you included your wonderful intuition there. :-) Because a Flow journey is by design a journey where intuition plays a significant part.

When do you trust your intuition? When do you doubt it?

What is inner trust for you?

Going with the Flow is really as simple as it is complex. A Flow journey is not a straight line. Rather it consists of ripples, waves, currents and spirals.

There is a cumulative effect to it all. It means that the effect adds up along the way and it also means that you cannot always see that effect right away! Therefore, this journey also requires:

Doubt is part of the journey too. Because, even if a journey is not a school, there is always something for us to learn (and unlearn ;-) ).

Such as the fact that life is always, always greater than we think and we are always, always greater than we know. It is when we think we have figured it all out we are most certainly fooling ourselves. :-)

When it comes to in-sight there is always a lot of space for expansion, for all of us. There is no final answer other than YES, perhaps?

With questions like the above, the answers change as we change. Sometimes even daily. So even if you may think that you have answered them already, take your time and be open to new answers. Sharing them  will certainly support the journey too (yours and your fellow travelers’) – so do share them in a comment below

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