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Flow journey – when unexpected challenge strikes

Posted Sep 24 2011 10:04pm

Have you ever experienced  that as soon as you dedicate yourself deeper and perhaps even decide to move to the next level of your flow journey (for example with regards to creating more joy, flow and purpose in your work) disaster strikes – so very unexpected!

It’s a highly disheartening and also confusing experience:

Why now? Shouldn’t the Universe /  God / Source / Self / One be rewarding your dedication? Shouldn’t it be encouraging you? Shouldn’t it be supporting you? Shouldn’t it at the very least be giving you the proof that you’re on the right path?

How are you supposed to go with the flow where there is none?

It can make you feel like what you have suspected all your life, deep down. That something is wrong with you, after all. That you can never really succeed. That you will never see your dreams come true. That you can never really get what you want. Others may, and do, apparently. But not you.

It can be so overwhelming that you find it hard to find the energy to continue. Or even see which way to go from here. Or even see any purpose to it at all.

I believe that there is a meaning and a purpose to what happens and why it happens this way.

And the reason is certainly not that there is something wrong with you!

In a situation like this the reason is that for you to move on in the direction that you want, for you to move to the next level, you need to prepare.

Whatever that next level means to you, unlike the fluffy dreams that the world is so full of, “the next level” most certainly means not only greater gifts but also bigger responsibilities and challenges. It may require:

  • A greater ability to be you and stand by who you are and what you are
  • A greater investment of your time, money and energy
  • A bolder attitude and a greater ability to live with risk
  • A more focused way of living and spending your time wisely
  • A greater ability to deal with stress and overwhelm
  • An ability to connect with many more people than you’re used to
  • A deeper sense of certainty, courage, faith
  • and more…

The challenges, limitations, blockages you experience help you deal with these or similar issues. In that way the challenges prepare you for the next level.

Also, it is a great way for you to find out – to test so to speak – whether you really mean what you say.

Because dedicating yourself to a purpose internally is one thing. Doing it in the world – being willing to deal with the challenges it means in terms of external choices and actions – that’s something else.

Yes, God / Universe / Self / Source / One does support you still, as always. Because you are part of it. :-)

It supports you in strengthening your foundation so that you are able to deal with the increased challenges of a more expansive living.

It supports you in uncovering whatever fear and doubts may be lurking and preventing you from moving on and going with a greater flow.

And it supports you in learning a different, more focused and yet flowing way of life that is required for that next level.

So if your dedication feels true – don’t give up. Stay the course.

Adjust to however your life is unfolding here and now.

Take care of whatever needs to be taken care of here and now.

Even if you don’t quite understand why it happens.

You need to flow with what is and towards what shall be, including challenges.

You need to integrate the inner work with the outer work, the old with the new.

Do whatever needs to be done – and accept whatever supports you through the process.


Flow~Integration Support


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