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Flow~Integration: Travel Light

Posted Jan 07 2012 10:01pm

[This post is the essence of the recent New Year's Eve discourse]

There’s been a lot talk about 2012 and what it means… Here’s one comment I’m particularly fond of:


I have to say though that  it doesn’t freak me out…  I mean, I have no idea what’s going to happen in 2012. But then I also had no idea what would happen in 2011…  so here’s what I’m thinking about how to deal with the uncertainty of it all:

In all its simplicity I believe that the best approach is to be open and receptive to what life brings along. It’s a good idea in general and even more so in changing times, in times of transition.

Because such times are like traveling across an unknown territory. You don’t have a map but you can open and  receptive towards the landscape, the people and the experiences that come your way.

Allow the journey to lead you, and you will probably find out that it goes up and down, in waves big and small, uplifting and challenging… and also from time to time there are these giant creative waves that kind of make it all fall into place. You can’t plan these ways anyway…

Because, as I see it, our present times, which could be perceived as a global crisis, call for new ways of living. We are in the midst of on one hand stagnation and on the other hand changes happening so fast or in such unpredictable ways, that we cannot depend on the old maps and calendars anyway.

We need something more flexible than that I feel. We need to combine our wisdom and our knowledge with what we experience and learn every moment. We need to travel light.  “Travel Light” is by the way the title of the book on Flow~Integration that I’m writing! :-)

When you travel light, it is easier for you to adapt to changing circumstances – and you can also enjoy the journey more when you’re not being burdened by a lot of baggage – be it past experiences, expectations or plans for the future.

When you travel light you don’t carry a whole lot of food and drink and whatever you may need with you. You are open, aware and receptive  to the gifts and resources that become available to you as you go, even if  yo have no idea what they will be. Isn’t that far more exciting than eating can food and dry soup… ;-) (figuratively speaking).

The same goes for planning your route really. You have to create and find your path as you go, and make choices as they emerge. And these choices and decisions may turn out to be of a very different nature than you expected them to be before you embarked on your journey.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about how you want to step into your full potential, spiritual , personal and financial, have big goals and intentions and do whatever it takes to get there.  Or perhaps you thought that all you wanted was simple living and just being. Perhaps along the way you will find out that what you really feel attracted to is something entirely different, a third way, a flexible way of living, living in waves, living in alignment with a flow that has more variety to it than just big or small?

Perhaps, before you embarked on this particular part of your journey, someone has advised you to build a big and heavy ship – a perfect vessel for crossing the ocean.  But then it so happens that your journey takes you along a river instead, where the big ship will just get stuck and block everything else. Perhaps what you really need is not a big ship but a flotilla of light boats?

Or perhaps someone has said to you: There is nowhere to go and nothing to do . And from a certain perspective that is so very true, you know. Except, perhaps such total  beingness is not what your life and your journey is about at this time. Your journey may very well be about creating something indeed and definitely going somewhere and if you refrain from that what you will find is not bliss but a state of confusion, powerlessness and lack of fulfillment.

So traveling light is very much about making choices that are right for you, here and now, in a flexible way, and a way that can change again and again as you go with the flow of your life.

And by the way,  “going with the flow” doesn’t necessarily mean that you are very passive/reactive and just go from impulse to impulse. Yes, your presence is a primary key and door to it all, but then so is interaction, both with life as such and with the people and the world that you live in. 

Really, when you think about a river flow for example, it is one giant co-creation. The river follows the landscape but it doesn’t so passively. It also affects it in all kinds of ways, big and small. The life within and around the the river – plants and fish and animals and people – they all follow the river but that’s not just a passive following either. It is a living inter-action.

And by the way, just to bring these big ideas down to earth a bit: even if I’m very open towards 2012 (and 2013 and on… :-) ), I do have some specific creations or intentions or goals in mind. They can change – I am not attached to them. But definitely committed to:

Finishing the “Travel Light” book (and other books that are on their way as well), and to continue supporting and inspiring you through Flow~Integration coaching and teaching although in ways that will be more flexible, more adaptable to traveling light, easier to adjust to your individual journey.

The first change is in place already, namely in the way the one-on-one coaching process has been redesigned: both the application/mutual clarification process and the program as such are now much more open and flexible than what I started with.

See the new one-on-one program here.

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