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Flow in relationships: the challenge of forgiveness

Posted Oct 06 2011 10:02pm

What are the chances? A few hours before the Forgiveness Telesummit begins I “stumble” upon an online interview with a healer who, before he started healing, spent many years in a war zone. His work was very much about learning how to create flow in relationships there – between people from religions and cultures that appeared hostile towards each other.

He chose to do it by immersing himself as much as he possibly could in culture and religion  that was very different from his own (to say the least) so that he could experience directly, in his body, feelings, mind and spirit how it was to be the other person.

It reminded me of places within me where I had experienced war-like states… It reminded me  how there have been people in my life that have triggered such deep, old pain in me that it appeared impossible to forgive them, or even just accept them. For a long time, I had to turn my back on them. But then again:

Trying to turn your back on someone else is like trying to turning your back on yourself- it’s impossible. And it stops your flow , more than you think.

Eventually, as it turned out, life had a solution to that problem too. And the solution was to set me in situations similar to the situations that made the people that had hurt me act the way they did.

In this way, I was given the opportunity to be, feel and experience directly how it was to be them in those situations. As I did that (without planning it in any way),  forgiveness emerged spontaneously. And from there a flow of healing, peace, joy, and a growing willingness to embrace and love what is. And from there again more radiance and more flow in relationships too.

You’ll hear more about my perspective on forgiveness, healing and flow in  relationships on October 7th where Nancy Battye will be interviewing me as on the subject of Forgiveness . But don’t wait that long.  Because it all starts today:

Today, and for the next 2 weeks, you have a rare opportunity to listen to 33 teachers, healers and coaches from around the world sharing their wisdom and experience and supporting you in the process of forgiveness and self-healing.

I warmly invite you to listen to as many of the speakers there as possible.Because each of them is here for you, and each has a gift for you. And one of the many gifts is their diversity, the way they are different from you and the way they are you.

So many times, the inner  and outer stagnation and limitation  that keeps you frustrated for months and years can be transformed through a healing process that involves forgiveness towards very specific people and very specific experiences from your life. It’s a very important aspect of opening to flow and joy.

You can make the Forgiveness Telesummit (and the workbook that comes with it) a powerful journey in your process of forgiving,  opening to flow and from there sharing the miraculous,  radiant you.

[Much more about ways to cultivate your radiance in the next post by the way so stay tuned!]

For now, sign up to the free Forgiveness Telesummit below and start setting yourself free in those relationships, present or past that you might be reluctant to even think about.  Give your love a chance to flow more freely – for you, too.

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