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Flow: how to use a map of a spiritual journey

Posted Dec 13 2011 10:01pm

I’m sure you know the feeling: you see a map of an area where you are and you immediately feel moved to place yourself right there on the map. Perhaps even draw a big red star there. :-) “I am here. The place I’m going is there. This is my route”.

If the map in question represents a geographic area it’s a real good idea, mostly. If however the map represents a spiritual path, placing yourself on it this way will possibly trigger an old tendency to measure your progress and compare it with the path on the map. And perhaps also a concern: “Am I where I’m supposed to be? Am I moving forward fast enough?”


Because you’re not here to be measured.

And also because Flow~Integration is a spiritual, personal and vocational transformation process, and a process like that doesn’t happen in a straight line from A to B, from here to a fixed point there. It happens the way life’s flow happens, in waves and spirals.

And that means that you can find yourself several places on the map simultaneously!

You can be both in the beginning and the middle and at the end of the path – but in different waves or stages of that process.

You could, for example, be exploring what keeps you stuck while at the same time discovering a new you and also creating or transforming your business, job or project.

When we work together in a Flow~Integration one-on-one program we don’t follow the flow map either. Rather, we use it as a framework while following your flow.  For example:

One of my flow coaching clients has been working primarily with his relationship with authority figures and money and from there the creation of his own holistic business. Another clients has been working with the relationship with her boyfriend as well as discovering her authentic preferences and wishes – and from there changing her job to something more holistic and creative. Yet another client’s primary focus has been to develop her spiritual business and its website in such a way that it truly expresses her work and ensures open communication between her and her clients. And all of them had at different points of the journey been addressing various aspects of their spiritual, mental, emotional, financial and physical life, past and present, as needed and as it related to their dreams and goals.

You don’t just follow the menu from the top to the bottom, do you? :-) You use it entirely to find out how it can serve your needs and wishes, and they change each time you visit the place.

And so an individual program begins with a telephone session where we look at your wishes and needs. From there we design a program which then again is being adjusted as we go and as life flows.

Something similar will be the case in future Flow~Integration groups, workshops, retreats and How To e-books: they will not just follow a general map. Rather we will co-create them based on yours and others participants wants and needs.

There is one area though where I intend to use the map pretty much as is and that’s while writing the Flow~Integration book and the future articles for this blog. That’s to give you as much insight as possible into all the aspects of the journey.

You can see what kind of Flow~Integration services are available right now here

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