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Flow Coaching And Grey Clouds In The Inner Sky

Posted Aug 31 2011 10:01pm

It’s 10 AM, it’s been raining buckets, and now the sun is back. In a few minutes from now it may be raining again… Life comes and goes in waves! This may be a spiritual truth of a kind, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it always:  Sometimes it feels like everything stands still, as if you’re not going anywhere and the inner weather report spells cloudy day in and day out.

If it’s just a few days in a row you can live with that. If it’s months or years, flow coaching might be worth considering.  So that you can get personal support and inspiration to move beyond stagnation,  open to more flow , create the changes that you want and need and know deep within are necessary.

To me it’s about supporting you in manifesting flow / your spiritual reality in your daily life: Bridging the gap between your inner abundance and your outer world, so that you can flourish and thrive in this world, and experience the natural connection there is between the spiritual and the personal life. And feel the joy and energy flowing through your body and soul!

I want flow coaching to lead to tangible results in your daily life. So that you feel good not only when you meditate, but also when you’re working, dealing with money, in relationships…

One of my one-on-one clients has just been through such a process. In the beginning of it there was quite a lot in her life that seemed stagnated –  she felt it the most in her marriage.

6 months later she’s dealing with a new problem: She has hard time sleeping at night because there is so much exciting stuff going on in her life all of a sudden! :-)

Her working situation is about to be radically changed – there are some people “out there” that are basically in the process of custom designing a job for her – a job that is what she really wants. It includes not only everything she wanted in terms of work, but also some significant elements that she wished for in her personal life: traveling and writing as well as creating something new (and not just following the crowd). And get paid for it too. :-)

She’s been 100% dedicated to the coaching process and yet did it in her own way. She allowed herself to find out what she wants with her life and not only what was expected of her. She found out how she can let her feelings and her needs flow more freely. She did the inner work that was necessary. And when she was ready life was ready too – and presented her with new, tangible opportunities. She accepted them and took the necessary action.

Her relationship with herself and her world is changing. Her world is changing accordingly. She is now creating more space for herself, internally and externally. And that enables her to also give more space to her husband, in a way that she hasn’t before. And the relationship is doing good now – very good.

Now that she is moving on with her own flow, there is a free slot in my calendar so that I can support someone else on a similar journey. Which won’t be similar after all. Because every client is absolutely unique, and their coaching journey is being designed accordingly.

The Question is:
Is your inner weather report spelling  grey clouds and stagnation?

Are you yearning for a liberating turn in your life?

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

If you can say yes to the above and feel that you are ready to start NOW, then send me a few words about yourself and what you want a one-on-one coaching program to do for you. You can write to me here.

I’ll be responding on “first come first served” basis. Even if it’s not just about “serving”. It’s a co-creation – a journey – a flow. And much joy!

Because even if all my work is joyful to me and at the end of the day it is all about joy, there is a very special joy to working one-on-one over an extended period of time.

If it turns out that you’re the one, I look forward to supporting you on your journey towards more flow and tangible, joyful changes in your life!

[PS: I expect to get very busy in a month or so from now: Besides existing clients, I have been invited to speak about Flow~Integration for thousands of people, I continue creating new Flow~Integration materials, I'm writing two books... So it's a real good idea to grab hold of me now and make sure I make space in my calendar for you NOW  :-) .]

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