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Flow and Abundance – Are You Open To Receive? (and win a contest too)

Posted Jan 27 2012 10:01pm

The above is the title of the auto-biography by Aron Ralston a  story of a man who became trapped by a boulder in an isolated slot canyon in Utah. (It later became the film “127 hours”).

The fact that he was stuck and unable to move wasn’t his main challenge though.  Getting him out of there wouldn’t be rock science :-? .  The problem was that he didn’t tell anyone where he was going, neither did he take his cell phone with him. And so, he could not be found and he could not be helped.

The  underlying major issue was that he was not open to receive. He was not open to receive the abundance of help, love and connection that was actually there.

He was a highly talented mountain climber, passionate about guiding others too. But he was not open to receive. It almost killed him. And then it became his rebirth.

From what I see, most people on a spiritual journey struggle with a similar problem – psychologically, spiritually, practically – even if not necessarily in such extreme ways and often times without even  being aware of it being a blocker.

This is one of the most common reasons why we get stuck and/or disappointed in our attempts to create/manifest more money, love, purpose, joy, success, inner peace:

I mean, you can have an abundance of fresh, clear water (and money, and love and whatever else you want) in the world – but if you don’t open your mouth… you’ll remain thirsty.

So that’s why  receptivity is what the first Flow ~Integration e-book is going to address – in profound, expansive and yet practical and specific ways (because obviously, there’s more to it than just opening your mouth :lol: )

On this note:

I have an idea for the title of the e-book, but perhaps you have a better one? I’m open to that! ;-)
Submit your title idea in a comment below and I’ll pick the winner of a free copy of the e-book on Monday January 30 but . So be sure to share this post with as many people as possible and invite them to participate! (in this way you also help them find a unique resource for their transformational journey!).

Winner will receive a personal message on January 31 – and a free copy of the  e-book (50+ pages packed with information, inspiration and practices) as soon as it’s finished.

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