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Female treachery

Posted Jul 28 2009 12:46am

Man of integrity

...who has been treated with contempt and betrayed in nearly every area of life' s interactions with women; relationships, roommates, fellow employee, business partner.

Far beyond a mere "she rejected me/used me/ dumped me/now I am immature so that means I now hate all women" naivete. I have done my honest best to support the potential for respect and meaningful association with girls and women, my whole life. Female treachery; over and over again, in various such venues of life; has been my reward for such earnest efforts.

The contempt and compulsion to harm ' males' (NEVER "men" nor "boys"; see: Justice Sotomayor infamous "wise latina" speech) is not limited to personal relationships; far from it. Women' s universal veiled contempt for non-bullying men and boys, pervades EVERY aspects of possible association with them, and informs their attitudes of treacherous behavior.

Looks like DJ is still at it after so many years, with her thinly disguised agenda of condescension towards any person or anything labeled "nice man" or "nice guy". She often, however, exhibits implied respect for ' bad boys' , thugs, and other "hard male" roles; a clear double standard.

Tell us, DJ, do you have any words to write regarding all the sweet, charming little girls who are SO fascinated with the bullies in school, encouraging and socially supporting them? Who then grow up with their emotional natures so strongly influenced and inculcated in this way, for the rest of their lives?

I am sure you have no end of opinions to express about how when the AAUW publishes just ONE study report stating the girls undergo a silencing of their expressions while growing through their pre-teen years, whole educational systems and curricula get ripped up and re-designed; all while millions of kind, decent, intelligent, NICE buys get their faces smashed in routinely, only to experience dedicated, institutionalized cover-up of bullying, but this is presumed to have no effect on their lives?

Oh, but they' re expected to settle down immediately after the lunch or recess beat-down, and when that proves difficult, are told they are "attention deficit" then subjected to forced drugging of polymerized cocaine, known as Ritalin? Can you imagine the outrage, if this was happening primarily to girls?

Who the hell do you think you are, to set yourself up in judgment over others' pain with such smug surety? Your extreme cynicism only serves to help perpetuate some of the very same milieu in which you suffered whatever painful experiences, have affected your prejudices, thus. Two-faced hypocrite.

BTW, do you have anything to do with the social abusers site known as Many of the sneering, hypocritical screeds published there, could issue right from your poisonous pen.

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