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Fear and rejection (63 reads)

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:09pm


Men have many fears. I have worked through these fears and lots of other men have also. Women are very unaccepting of men and our fears. If a man does not walk up to a woman before she makes a snap judgment of him she sees him as weak. The only thing women seem to accept from men are pain, misery, lies, cheating and wasting her youth on some bad guy. Never have I met a man who was an ass that didn' t have a girl friend or wife that thought he was great. The men I met who were great, that did have a woman, were just berated by the woman. It must be human nature because the one who works hard and never complains gets fired, While the lazy one who never works gets to stay. Why? Because the company is afraid the lazy one will quit and leave while the good one is expendable. Interesting, sounds like corporate logic is the same as female logic. So when is the good guy going to get his bail out from the women who reject him?

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