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Explanation And Comparison Of The Most Popular And Effective Massage Therapies: Swedish And Deep Tissue Massage

Posted Feb 11 2013 6:21am

Massage is an ancient healing therapy that seeks relaxation and overall well-being. It manipulates the shallow and deep layers of connective tissue and muscles. It involves pressing, manipulating and rubbing applying different levels of pressure, movements and length of strokes depending on the area to be treated and on the massage therapy utilized. There are dozens of them, being Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage the most effective and popular ones.

Swedish massage therapy is one of the most popular massage therapies worldwide. It´s primary purpose is to augment oxygen levels in blood, release toxins from muscles which are achieved applying pressure between muscles and bones while rubbing following blood flow direction returning to the heart.

Deep Tissue Massage, as it´s name says, reaches the deepest layers of the muscles so as to treat the sticked the muscle fibers, realigning them, releasing toxins and eliminating deep tension points. It is used to improve muscular-skeletal disorders, chronic pain and to restore muscular system after physical injuries or after heavy physical activity, such as with athletes or sportsmen.

Difference Between Swedish Massage And Deep Tissue Massage

In Swedish massage the pressure muscles receive results in an effective relaxation, pain relief as well as joint stiffness reduction. It involves a systematic use of long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, percussion, vibration and shaking motions .

Deep Tissue Massage on the other side, uses deep muscle compression and friction following muscles grain. The strokes utilized are slower and stronger. Each painful knot is particularly rubbed. It involves cross fiber friction, cupping and myofascial release.

Swedish massage focuses on muscles, nerves and bones and seeks to follow and meliorate blood flow. Deep tissue massage focuses on a few main body regions, neck, shoulders, spinal cord and fascia (connective tissues).

Swedish massage main benefits include toxins release nourishment of the soft body tissues as blood flow is improved, stress relief as it provides an entire relaxation of the body and mind and overall muscular melioration as active muscles and nervous system are noticeably relaxed. Patients notice an overall well-being sensation.With Deep Tissue massage, the main benefits are the underlying fatigued or damaged muscles. It gives effective specific muscular pain relief.

So, which one would be the right one for you? Swedish massage is, as mentioned above, the most commonly used massage technique that relaxes the entire body and provides mental relaxation. Anyone can enjoy it and benefit from it. As a matter of fact, many people receive Swedish massage on regular basis to keep themselves tension free and healthier. It is prescribed to improve blood flow and lymphatic system. It is also used to complement beauty and lose weight treatments.

Deep Tissue massage though, is mostly recommended as a specific treatment for particular acute muscle damage or chronic painful conditions such as osteoarthritis. It is also effective to deal with muscular painful tension points derived from hard stress.

Athletes undergo this therapy after hard sports practice since it accelerates their recovery. It is usual to experience some mild pain on the deepest muscle layers the day after the massage session, but that is normal and part of the healing process.


Summarizing, both therapies have demonstrated to be highly beneficial, but it is necessary to choose the right one according to your life-style, health conditions and specific needs.

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