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Ex-Boyfriends, Landing strips and is that all there is to an IM?

Posted Jan 14 2009 4:59pm
I broke my own rule last night-

Usually when I sign into AOL I have my instant messenger saying I am “away”-

Somehow it changed and I started hearing all these dings as I was trying to type an email wondering what wrong buttons I was pushing-

I looked in the corner and I had two IM’s – One from a friend- one from an ex boyfriend from 9 years ago.

I never IM- unless it is conversations with my friends- I have never used it for anything other than that-

I don’t use it to get off, in other words…

I looked at the little box- time standing still as my finger hovered over the enter button to join the conversation-

I chose the ex boyfriend of 9 years ago.

I see him all the time- there is nothing there- we tease each other a lot- that is about it-

Conversation started out innocent enough- I had told him about a house, since he is looking for one, and he was thanking me for passing it along to him…

I was getting a little bored of waiting for responses and then when it comes in -it is right in the middle of me writing an email so I have to break my concentration…

So when I was about to sign off and say goodnight he says “ Thank you for telling me about the house”-

In which I reply, “I hope you get in it- it will be a perfect place for your work”-

Our conversation takes a turn- I found it quite entertaining so I will share a bit with you:

Amy V-;) it makes me happy because it sounds like the perfect little house for your work:)

Ex –Boyfriend-
screw that! i want a sweet pad so i can bring drunk chicks home!lol

Amy V: well- you can do that too u need a nice girl who is going to treat u right! good nice drunk girl

Ex- Boyfriend-
good, nice, EASY drunk girl


who can cook

...and likes krispy kreme

Amy V -: oh come on now- my shoes are hard to fill ;) lol

you just want to visit your friend and spy on me and all my hot, good, nice, easy, drunk girls

Amy V: yep! i am going to have to approve them


girls are pretty and soft

Amy V -: yes, i know- i am one and am quite familiar with myself

...and smooth as i recall

Amy V -: ummm... i have a little landing strip at the moment;)lol


Amy V:;)

you need a web cam girl

Amy V -:
pls that is the last thing I need

oh damn! you're not setup for photos on your chat!!

i tried to send you a pic

Amy V - how do i do that?

buy a mac lame ass

Amy V: good night;)

wow, i must have scared you off...i didn't think that was possible!

Amy V: not at all luv- i am just going to jump into a hot shower and lather up my body;)LOL!!!!

how does the flight path look for this evening? much traffic?

Amy V: zero traffic- i think a lot of the landing strip lights are busted and no one can see how to land or that there is even a landing strip in the vicinity:) lol


i'm grounded too


I signed off and sat for a second pondering what is so great about that?

My back ached from sitting there- the pinging got annoying (even though I could turn the sound off- but then I wouldn’t pay attention when they came in) and I felt no more satisfied than when the conversation first started.

No…. I knew IM was not the thing for me- I am visual- and like someone to be present- or even hearing a voice…

I won’t throw the baby out with the bath water:)

I will try it again one day:)

Just goes to remind me how many countless ways there are to reach out and “touch” someone…

At any rate- it made me laugh…

What is your take on IM flirting?

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