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Escorts and Johns Part 1

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:16pm
In talking to escorts I know and from reading blogs of escorts online I have dispassionately observed a few generalized things:

1) most escorts express that they are there only for the money.
2) many of them express frustration with/anger at/lack of respect for many of their clients for a variety of reasons.
3) most acknowledge that they act, both in orgasms and GFE. Many consider the act a burden; it is their job
4) friendship or outside contact is not appreciated; they do not want a personal connection; it's about getting money for sex, finit.
5) most are resentful of unscheduled overtime, and are especially frustrated if they are expected to stay overtime without extra pay.They may pretend to not watch the clock...but they do and they resent it.

From reading blogs of johns and john reviews on numerous sites and escort boards I have observed, in general, that:

1) It is important that the john feels the escort is genuinely sexually turned on
2) The john wants a GFE, whether there for more connection or just a body count. How well the escort pulls the GFE off can make or break her.
3) It is often positively mentioned that "she does not watch the clock"
4) many of them want special considerations: lower fees, trades, bulk deals, etc. It appears that some come at this from a fiscal perspective, some from an ego perspective in they feel they are special so should be treated that way.

The blogs I read seem to be by samplings of average providers and hobbyists. And although a small sampling, I imagine that they probably speak to the average of the experiences out there.

Given all this I have some beginning random wonderings and thoughts:

1) I wonder how it would be for the johns if they knew that the GFE was an act/ lie. Is is enough for them to feel it is real? Or does it have to be real? If they found out that a particular escort was really thinking, would they go back to that escort?

To be really blunt (and a bit exaggerated for dramatic effect): I keep wondering how would it be for a john to see an escort, think that she had been aroused, think that she came often, think that she liked him and wanted to be there with him. She made him feel special. Then when he leaves and the door closes, she rolls her eyes, takes a shower to wash the disgusting feeling off her body and pats herself on the back for her increasing acting abilities to get a bigger tip. I would think it would be a bit of an ego bust if he knew the truth. But maybe not.

2) The vast majority of men in the world are afraid of hooking up with or are downright critical of "golddiggers." They do not want to be in relationship with or marry one. They want to be loved for themselves. With an escort it is clear that money is what she wants and, judging from the writings, it is the only thing she wants. It is the only reason she is there.

3) Generally, when a woman is in love with a man, she is turned on by the fact that he loves her body. But in addition with the raw turnon of being that powerful object of lust, what is even more important is that he loves HER along with her body. Escorts don't want that here. The escort may be turned on by the power she has in turning on a john, but in more of an Aphrodite/abstract fantasy way. Also in contrast to the popular cultural perspective that women tend to want a "real" relationship and personal connection more than a man, escorts do not. I once had an escort tell me that she let someone go if they were a regular and stayed for more than six months as the connections started to grow. The personal is verbotin.

I like pondering these opposites.
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