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erection prob

Posted by truthordare

I’ve been married for 3 years now and had been sexually active until around 3 months ago.  I’m having trouble maintaining an erection long enough to finish an intercourse.  I love having sex with my wife but can’t seem to understand why I can’t keep the erection.  I’m thinking that it can be more than psychological.  Any help?  Is this a sign of an erection dysfunction?  I want my sex life to be like when me and my wife first did it and all…
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Hi I'm Dr. Moore

I was very concerned when i read your question and i would like to help you.

I think that this is not your fault, a result of your wife not arousing you enough anymore. You keep concentrating on pleasuring her and this could be the end of your erection problem.I still recommend that you see your local doctor. 

Good Luck

please post me symptoms and your age as well. Can u get  homeopathic remedies in your country. I will help you. Its nt the fault of ur wife. Problem is with u. U can contact me on my E mail address as well. Regards
I think you should take generic viagra or kamagra pills... that one is best treatment for ED.
It could  be underlying health issues, stress, etc.    Go to the doctor and get checked.  
It happens when you have sex continously for 3 months. Try having sex 15 days once and see the difference.

Everyone wants to live their sexual life happily but everyone is not blessed with the desired thing. Take a look on the to sort out your issues.

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