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Erectile Dysfunction And Relationship Problems

Posted Nov 14 2011 5:50pm

This article explains how can a man who is coping with erectile dysfunction ease his sexual problems and overcome possible relationship issues. It is also beneficial to everybody else interested in the art of oral sex.


Coping with erectile dysfunction can be a very hard thing for a man, no matter if he is or isn`t in a relationship. Feelings are mixed. You got fear of loss, you got shame mixed with a responsibility if you`re married. You got envy, feelings of pure disappointment, etc. You just don`t know which one is worst. Like it`s not enough that impotence is one of the greatest problems that can occur in a one man`s life, but it can also lead to the other, deeper psychological and social problems.

Problems with impotence are not choosing the age, race, social status or balance in the bank account. They hit randomly and everyone can be a part of the risk group. Causes can defer in rich variety of spine problems, psychological disorders, vascular problems, muscular problems, aging, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, certain medicaments, etc.

Staying on the track of getting cured is very important. Pacing with proper therapy is also important as well as getting toward healing - especially if such possibility exists. There is always a possibility for the recovery, and we should be always aware of the fact that medicine is getting improved and better, progressing greatly every day.

That was about curing. But what can we do with love or sex life in those (not necessary hard) periods?

A man coping with erectile dysfunction should have one important thing on his mind! He should not let that be in any situation the end of his sex life! And not even for a moment! Especially it shouldn`t be the reason for the loneliness and withdrawal from the society, as usually it happens.

Let me tell you one thing that might sound impossible. Impotent man can be a seducer. As matter of fact, a very successful one, and even more successful lover than a man without impotence problems!!

Let`s use some of the scientific and statistical data to illustrate the logic of the presented facts. You can check references in sources mentioned on the webpage below the text.

One statistical survey says that 75% of women need clitoral stimulation and are unable to orgasm through intercourse alone!

So, what about overcoming erectile dysfunction problems in a relationship? What does a penis have with a clitoris?

Well, nothing particularly.

Another statistical survey says that 82% of married women prefer cunnilingus over any other sexual act!

So, you see, a man dealing with erectile dysfunction can bring so much pleasure to a woman and he should not hesitate of doing it, at any moment.

Women prefer oral sex more than any other sexual act, and impotent man should be aware of that. Giving woman a cunnilingus is going to make her happy more than you can ever imagine, and any man is able to do that, no matter if he`s dealing with impotence or not!

The most important thing is to be aware of what women really want and to know how to approach her. It`s not only what is happening in a bed what is most important for the outocome of sex. Everything that comes long before the intercourse, and everything that comes after the orgasm is equally important. Seduction starts in the mind of a person, not in the body. It is what is happening in the mind what makes one woman aroused or distant from her seducer. Sex and orgasm is much more than a plain mechanical reflex of our bodies.

Also, length of a penis is not what is most important in satisfying women... giving a good cunnilingus is going to make her happier than ever before. Try it for yourself, and measure the outcome. You might be surprised.

I would like to recommend you source filled with information on how to do cunnilingus at  How To Eat A Girl Out

And remember, here is no excuse for being lonely.

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