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Elin Nordegren’s New Demands in the Tiger Woods Divorce

Posted Jun 27 2010 9:16am
As the Tiger Woods – Elin Nordegren divorce enters its final stages, Elin has added some new demands to the already hefty divorce settlement she’s requesting from Tiger Woods.

For details, see: Elin Nordegren’s Latest Demands in the Final Negotiations of the Tiger Woods Divorce

One of Elin’s new demands restricts the kind of people Tiger can expose their children to.

See: Elin Nordegren’s New Divorce Demand from Tiger Woods - Keep Your Women Away from Our Kids

At one point last week, Tiger apparently made one last attempt to reconcile with ‘Elin and stave off their impending divorce.

Unidentified “inside sources” leaked this information to the media, along with Elin’s comments about how and why Tiger’s last ditch attempt at reconciliation fell flat.

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