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Election Day: Getting Personal about Sex and Politics

Posted Nov 07 2008 9:01pm
I am AARP's sexpert on the Retirement Living Television (RLTV) network show, "My Generation." My segment is called "On the Couch." and can also be viewed on (click on "TV" at the top of the home page), on various local CNN channels, and on this website (click on "Dr. Dorree Lynn" on the home page, then click on "Dr. D Live.") I am also a psychologist with a private practice and I've been in this field for almost four decades - which means there's little about a couple' relationship and sex life that I haven't been privy to. I list some of my credentials as it's not too surprising that during this emotional Election Day, some of my thoughts turn from politics to sex. I find it striking that throughout this almost two year campaign little about the candidates' sex lives has seemed of interest. Well, that's not totally true. Of course the subject came up around Hillary and Bill. And yes, there was a bit of journalistic writing around John McCain's relationship with his first wife, Carol. But to my knowledge, there's been a paucity of media exploration about each couple's sexual relationship.
I know that many people wonder what will go on the master bedroom of the White House for the next four years. Sure there's pillow talk. But what else? Does anyone wonder if McCain uses Viagra? Or is Michelle and Barack's fist bump all they do?
I doubt that I am more prurient than most, but am simply stating the obvious. I well remember the press asking Betty Ford how often she sleeps with her husband. Bless that irrepressible and honest woman. Without missing a beat she said; "As often as I can." I can't help but wonder how our next first lady will respond to that question, be it openly asked or not.
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