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Eight Signs He is Going to Break Up With You

Posted Nov 18 2008 7:56am

Researchers say men are most likely to stay in a relationship between two to 12 months, after which time they may be motivated to move on and find a new fling.

This could be fear of long-term commitment but it is more likely a search for those endorphins your body releases when you are falling in love. The butterflies, the euphoria, and the intense orgasms are all common in the beginning of a relationship.

If you think your guy might be chasing that new-relationship high, then it’s probably high time you get out. Here are eight tell-tale signs he is about to break up with you.

1. He’s never had a girlfriend for longer than six months and you’ve been dating for seven.

2. He canceled the trip to the Bahamas at the last minute.

3. He promised you’d meet his family but they came and left before you even knew they were in town.

4. He used to walk you to your car and now you’re lucky if he walks you to the door.

5. He takes hours to return a text message when it used to take seconds.

6. He doesn’t hold your hand anymore.

7. He is put out by the fact that you make other plans, yet he doesn’t include you in his.

8. He picks fights. Yesterday he yelled at you because you didn’t cut him a piece of clery.


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