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Download Get Out of Stuck: A guide to transforming your beliefs – Oh and happy 5th birthday Baggage Reclaim!

Posted Sep 03 2010 4:00pm
Get Out of Stuck - A guide to transforming your beliefs

Jaysus, I’m knackered but one of the projects I have been working on this summer is finished – drum roll – Get Out of Stuck is my guide to getting out of relationship insanity, carrying the same beliefs, baggage, attitudes and choosing same person, different package and then expecting different results. I want to help you transform your beliefs and basically, get out of stuck.

This month, Baggage Reclaim is five, yes five years old and I’ve been on quite a journey since I first started this blog when I myself was unravelling my own beliefs and experiencing major epiphanies about my love habits and interactions. I really didn’t like myself that much and I was desperate to be loved but at the same time I was scared sh*tless that they’d discover my flaws. I had a lot of stuff rattling around in my head but truth be told, when I stopped believing even just one of those beliefs, it started to call others into question. I want you to tackle your beliefs and call yours into question too.

Now…as it is Baggage Reclaim’s 5th birthday, all you have to do to get your copy is sign up to the get out of stuck mail. Aside from getting your copy, you’ll also get updates about new worksheets and get invited to participate in online clinics, attend seminars, plus tips etc.

To get your copy and sign up:

Note – I don’t share your email address with anybody.

Let me know how you get on with Get Out of Stuck. I will be tweaking it and creating new worksheets and there will be a site set up for it.

I will be announcing the first online clinic in the next day or so. Basically, I will be letting a certain number of people submit up to 3 beliefs to get a summary feedback via email. It will also help to create more worksheets in the future and provide more live examples.

In the meantime, let me know how you’re doing!

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