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Don’t Settle for Bites of a Relationship When You Should Have a Buffet

Posted Mar 09 2010 7:46am

Are you a guy who treats women with respect? Are you a guy who understands the value of courtship, who rolls out the full-court-press when you’re intentional about a woman? Have you done so in the past, only to be treated with some or all of the following:

  • You plan ahead, call ahead, make reservations, show up five minutes in advance, wait in your car until exactly the time, walk to her door, ring the bell, and she answers the door with her cell phone to her ear, waves you in, and continues talking while still getting ready. 20 minutes later, she’s ready and turns her attention to you. CRUMBS.
  • You think you’ve met the future Mrs. __ and she, on the other hand, is frequently very late, gets drunk on dates with you, seems to be getting a lot of text messages from someone but won’t let you see who, and often cancels at the last minute pleading illness. CRUMBS.
  • She goes out with you, seems to love the wining and dining that you’re treating her with, but is so emotionally aloof and disconnected that you can’t get a grip on who she is, what her values are, or what she wants out of life. When pressed with questions, she’s evasive or emotionally fragile, shutting down the conversation. CRUMBS.
  • You see a pattern of alcohol abuse, partying, wearing highly revealing clothing when going out with girlfriends to all the trendy bars, and you excuse it by saying she’s young and just sowing wild oats. CRUMBS.
  • She asks you for money when she gets in financial trouble, but makes no effort to pay you back. CRUMBS.

Why settle for crumbs when you can have a banquet?


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