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Doc pls advice: I'm 24 male with avg height of 5'7", weight, 67 kg. I'm a socially active person, h

Posted Sep 04 2008 1:52am
Hello, Amin, Don't be too anxious, it doesn't seem a serious health problem.
There are several possible causes for what you feel. First of all, I think you could just be a bit tired because of too much work - or too few sleep...?
Or maybe you doesn't eat in a healthy and balanced way? Maybe you could be short of some vitamins or hormones (like D.H.E.A.)?
- On another hand, lovemaking isn't a question of physical performance, you see! Did you already speak about that, with the woman you love? A point indeed puzzles me in your message : you're only talking about YOU. Lovemaking, sexuality are activities you share...
Hence, what does your wife or partner think about that situation? - if you're living with a woman.
To really be fulfilling, lovemaking has indeed to be something you're both loving to do together, - as an expression of your mutual feelings.
Again, if you speak about maturity, you've to know and remember that lovemaking is above all a way to show your tenderness to the woman you love. It has very few to do with 'power', 'performance' or 'manhood', - but instead, with sincere feelings.
If this situation has a negative impact on your inner mind, I suggest you consult a physician in order to eventually ask him some blood analysis and vitamins' cocktail to take for a month or two.
Moreover, Amin, the reaction you experience after climaxing, if maybe a bit stronger than usual, is normal for every man (especially when tired) : after climax, everybody feels more or less exhausted. This is a physiological reaction issued from the involuntary nervous system (called "vegetative" system).
Try to rest for a while in your beloved's arms after lovemaking. And above all, understand that a woman loves your kisses, caresses and tender words more than your 'power'!
Think also to ask her what she really likes... you'll think less to your own sensation of weakness. :-)
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