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Do you or someone you love suffer from APS(Auto Pilot Syndrome)? Read this to find out…

Posted Sep 10 2009 10:03pm


“From the times you chastise us for leaving a wet towel on the bed to those nights you rip through a pint of fudge ripple without stopping to breathe, we file each incident in a mental folder labeled “Evidence She’ll Change for the Worse.”


Woke up this morning and checked my emails…


This was sent to me from an article about why men bail on even the women they are really into…




The whole article.


But refreshingly honest.


I have to say my favorite part of the article is the “timing is off “ reasoning…


Basically, it states a guy can be dating a girl for 2 years…and if one little part of his life is undone~ he won’t settle down with her. He could break up with her and start dating someone else though and end up engaged to that chick 6 months later-


The only difference between 2 year relationship girl and 6 month dating girl? TIMING.


I have learned this over my years…


I don’t know what it is-


I call it APS-


The Auto Pilot Syndrome in men.


A man can literally be living with a woman for a year, maybe two- telling her everyday he loves her. Eating dinner and doing the dishes with her.


They can have little rituals together, like he makes coffee and she brings him the paper…


Going to the dog park to walk “their” dog…


Nicknames like butter biscuit or lover…


And one day, after two years of living with this woman and going through all these motions- the guy is in the shower-


And somewhere between the shampoo and the shave? It hits him…


“I think I really love this girl.”


After two years…


730 dog walks, 730 dinners, hundreds of kisses, maybe 300 nights of mind blowing sex mixed with a couple hundred nights of this is as good as it’s gonna get sex…


And suddenly the actions line up with an actual feeling or conviction.

Now that is not to say the man didn’t “feel” love during those two years.


I am talking about the deep emotional tie that tows the line-


Between ‘I am in this until it ends…to I am in this and hope it never ends.’


This is reality-


Where we get off track in relationships?


Women just buy whatever they are being given at the moment as long as it continues to feed the fantasy rather than shatter it…


Wonder how our relationships would shift if women took a moment to really tune in and see their man-


Really SEE him.


Past the actions, past the box of conventionalism, past the auto pilot?


Who will take the responsibility first towards a real connection?


The man~ being truthful with where he is at and what he needs?


Or the woman~ willing to see the man in true light- as is- without expectations.


Either way? An honesty so deep would be the end result-


And when a man and a woman can connect and communicate on that level?


That is the tie that binds…










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