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do i have a bladder/urine infection or do i have an STI?

Posted by _alexis_

ive had unprotected sex before and i still am, however a few months ago it started hurting when i go to the toilet but after a few days it went away, i never went to a doctor about it becuase im too embarresed, and now its come back again but im also bleeding when i urinate, but im not on my period, so i was woundering do i have an STI or is it a bladder/urine infection?
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I'm not sure the nature of the relationship of the person you're having sex with, but if you have unprotected sex, you could have contracted an infection, assuming the relationship is not monogamous. If you were both tested before having sex, and you both came back negative  for STIs, and only have sex with one another, then you wouldn't have contracted anything. Your symptoms are similar to those of UTIs, but it's always better to get your doctor to test you for any problems that might be occuring. Even if it is a UTI, you'll need to see yoru doctor to get a prescription for the antibiotics. You're docotr is there to help you, and remember they have to uphold your privacy. 
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