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Discover How To Give Her Toe-Curling Orgasms Sooo Intense, She’ll Beg You For More

Posted Sep 08 2009 10:06pm

How do you get better at sex? Is there some tried and true way to improve your sexual stamina, your sexual appeal and your sexual technique? Or does it just happen? So many men ask themselves these same things every day – how can I become a sex god? How can I really, truly please my woman in bed like she’s never been pleased before?

Here are some surprising facts about sex that even the most sexually aware man probably doesn’t know:

  • Psychological stimulation is the most important factor in sex
  • Dominance is an important characteristic for a man to have if he is going to succeed during sex
  • Being a sexual master isn’t about learning new things, it’s about unlearning bad habits
  • Sex is intensely emotional and it’s impossible to hide our emotions during sex
  • There is no reason for a woman to be unfaithful if you rock her world every time you have sex
  • Perfect sexual technique sounds great on paper, but is effectively ineffective in the bedroom

It is absolutely amazing how many men out there are doing exactly the things they shouldn’t be doing if they want to become a master of sex. For example, how often does the polite, respectful man get anything other than plain, vanilla sex? What about the ultra cool, pick up artist that takes home practically every woman he sees? He doesn’t enjoy the sex, he just enjoys the thrill of the hunt.

How many guys have found themselves doing everything right in the bedroom, getting his woman to cum multiple times, having amazing sex and then all of a sudden things start to fizzle? Sex wasn’t the way it was – or it is the same way it was, it’s just not as good anymore. What’s a guy to do?

What if you could become a sex god? What if you could unlearn all of your bad behaviors and learn how to give  any woman the most intense and pleasurable sex of her life? You would immediately say YES! Wouldn’t you?

We recently had the opportunity to read an amazing book on this very topic from our good friend Daniel Rose called “The Sex God Method”. To put it bluntly… He just nailed it! This is a must read book for any man – period.

The Sex God Method will teach you what you need to know to rock a woman’s world in bed. It explains everything you’ve been doing wrong, changes your entire perception about sex and teaches you the attitude you need to have if you want to be a sex master. In fact, the Sex God Method is only for men who want a total and complete makeover in the sex department – this book is definitely not for men who want an easy fix.

Here’s just a sneak peek at what the Sex God Method will show you:

  • The Four Principles of Sex that will turn your world upside down
  • How to make psychological stimulation override physical stimulation
  • How emotions in the bedroom can make sex the most powerful you and your partner have ever felt
  • How to become dominant and manhandle your woman (in a good way) to make her want more
  • How to tease her the right way
  • Using variety during sex with your partner to keep sex from getting boring
  • How to use extended teasing to get your girl to reach the Continuously Orgasmic State
  • Learn how to be a Shape shifter in bed
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs that get you nowhere when it comes to great sex

What is so unique about the Sex God Method is that it doesn’t teach you specific techniques that will make your woman cum over and over again, it teaches you how to be the man that makes your woman cum over and over again.

A small word of warning when it comes to the Sex God Method – while it’s theme is that women inherently want to be dominated, society teaches them that this is somehow offensive. Let your girl get hold of this book and you might get into trouble, because while the Sex God Method is revolutionary, it can easily be misconstrued by someone not in the right mindset.

Also, if you use the DEVI method taught in this book, your partner IS very likely going to become addicted to sex. She’s liable to to become absolutely addicted to your sex like a drug, and she’s going to want her fix every time you turn around. Employ the Sex God Method only if you’re willing and ready to give your sex life a complete overhaul.

“Completely original sex advice that is revolutionary and counter-intuitive. Definitely a must read for all men.” -Maxim

So if you’re ready to become a complete sex god and have your woman cumming all over you again and again, download the Sex God Method today. It might just be the best thing that ever changed your sex life.

And be sure to check out the 2 minute video on the Sex God Method website, to find out How To Avoid The Single BIGGEST Mistake Almost All Men Make In Bed.

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