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Dirty Talk Done Right (Video)

Posted Jul 26 2011 10:00am

Dirty talk can spice up your sex life, but it’s hard to know what to say and when to say it. If you say the wrong thing, it’s easy to turn a woman off or offend her. Sometimes you can rectify a mistake like that and sometimes you can’t. It’s much better to avoid the blunder in the first place. Here’s how to do dirty talk – the RIGHT way!

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Believe it or not, almost all women love dirty talk. They may blush or shy away, but in all honesty, they really do like it! Some women may prefer a more romantic style, while others want to hear hardcore details and expletives. Regardless of what style a particular girl prefers, almost all women love hearing something while doing the dirty.

The right language in the bedroom will help a woman to open up mentally and emotionally, which is necessary for her to become really turned on and reach orgasm . So learning the right things to say to a woman while you’re getting it on is going to benefit both you and her!

Not every girl is going to like the same thing when it comes to dirty talk. In fact, some phrases that will turn a woman on without you even touching her may be something that another girl is completely offended by. Don’t assume that the dirty talk phrases that worked for one woman is going to work just as well for another.

Get To Know Her

This is one of the biggest benefits to a long term relationship or marriage. When you really get to know a girl, you start to understand the way her mind works. You’ll begin to understand what she does and doesn’t like in the bedroom and why. This will help you to find the right things to say when using dirty talk during sex .

How Does She Normally Talk?

Pay attention to how she speaks. Does she use a lot of expletives or does she talk more demurely? Does she speak differently to you than other people? Does she show you a side of her that is different than what she shows her parents or co-workers? Take your cues directly from her. If you’ve never heard her say a swear word, she’s probably going to be pretty offended if you drop the F-bomb in the sack. However, if she likes to get a little wild with her language sometimes, she’s not going to enjoy you talking about what you’re going to do to her “ vagina .”

Experiment with different words in the bedroom (or wherever else you like to have sex ) and gauge her reaction to them. If you’ve already gotten to know her and have taken your cues from the language she usually uses, you’re probably not going to strike out here. Still, you want to gauge her reaction to see if what you’re saying to her is actually turning her on, or if it’s turning her off.

A great way to get started is to tell her what you want her to do to you. Lead by example first, and describe to her what you’d like her to do – either with soft or explicit language, whichever you feel she will respond best to. Then later, you can try flipping the tables to see if she will do the same for you. After you lead her into it, she may get incredibly turned on and start talking dirty too!

While most women do enjoy dirty talk, not everyone is going to enjoy both talking and listening. She may just enjoy one or the other. Get to know her to determine what she likes better, or if she really does like both. This is part of feeling it out as you get started. You’ll notice her respond better either when she’s doing the dirty talking or when she’s listening to you describe in detail what you want her to do to you or what you’re going to do to her.

Dirty talk is a lot of fun and if you pay attention to your girl and really read her, it’s unlikely you’re going to say the wrong thing. It’s definitely worth the risk – so take it! You’re never going to know how much you can turn your partner on with dirty talk until you actually take that first step and do it!

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