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Determining whether or not someo...

Posted Sep 14 2008 10:16am

Determining whether or not someone likes you can be close to impossible sometimes. Except for those rare occasions when someone just comes out with it and says that they like you, it’s a huge guessing game. Body language, however, can provide you with a few clues as to whether he likes you or not.

body_language The obvious signs that he likes you are the coy smile and slight eye contact–not stares, those are just creepy. Another piece of body language (and this one is not so obvious) lies in the knees. If he’s sitting down and facing you, look to see if his knees are touching one another of if they are slightly open. Open knees means he’s open to you and hoping you’ll notice.

Take a minute to look up from his knees and look into his eyes. If his eyes are dilated that’s a good sign. When someone’s eyes dilate that means they are at ease and enjoying themselves. Other promising body language signs to look for are whether or not he stands to face you, if he fidgets with his clothes or hands, and if he tilts his head when you are talking.

A head tilt is an especially good sign. That type of body language represents sincere interest. And, who doesn’t want someone to be interested in what we are saying?

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