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Dear Dr. Romance: Should I stay in this relationship?

Posted Jan 13 2014 11:17pm

Dear Dr. Romance:

I had a really bad ending on my last relationship we were engaged. I moved into another relationship a month after he ended it. I was very lonely and my new relationship seemed perfect. Now I'm starting to get mixed emotions about my man. We have together now 1 year. I do love and care about him. But it isn't the love i felt for my ex-fiance. I'm not sure what I see with the future. This man is very in love with me and has recently told me he could see us having a family together. I do not see that. I'm not sure what to do. Should I say in this relationship even though my feelings aren't as strong as his? Or should we end it?

Dear Reader:

Please don't be too quick to end this relationship. If you love and care about him, and you enjoy each other, you have the basic ingredients for a successful relationship. Love is not a competition, and you'll find your love will grow if you work together to solve problems and build a life. Make sure you're not running because you're afraid of the responsibilities of commitment and family. "10 Reasons for Not Falling in Love" will help you figure out if your fears are really related to this relationship or not. No relationship is perfect at the beginning. You two can develop the necessary skills to go through life together.   "Couples Can Cooperate for Success"  will teach you skills for turning your doubt into commitment.   Love Styles: How to Celebrate Your Differences   has exercises and information to help you learn to appreciate each other and maximize your love.

For free relationship tips and courses,  

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