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Day 3 of my 365 day challenge to write…Heart wide open.

Posted Aug 04 2010 3:03pm


What happened to the good old fashioned phone call?


A friend on Facebook messaged me a while ago about this. Saying it would be a good topic to write about…


Specifically, he asked me “If you gave a guy your number and his first contact with you was through a text message, would you ditch him?”


I really didn’t know how to answer that at the time.


The written word is my first language. So, texting and email is a communication I enjoy. However, I have just now figured out that while I am being just as open, vulnerable,  and honest in that type of communication as I am in verbal communication…no one else really is.


My answer is no, I would not ditch the guy.




Where is the heart in connections anymore?


Seems to me a heartfelt experience with a person is becoming close to extinction in society today.


Who picks up the phone and actually makes a phone call these days?


Those of us still living from the heart…still fighting to keep that language alive, we get looked at like an alien with three heads when we reach out to people. There must be something wrong with you, or you’re crazy, or you want something… must have an agenda.


Couldn’t be that you just truly want to reach out and get to know a person. No…that is weird to most these days.


I adore hand written letters. I take the time to write them. I seal the envelope with wax. It is romantic and a beautiful, heartfelt gesture.


Who really does that anymore?


When was the last time a stranger approached you and you weren’t suspicious about them?


Or how about… when was the last time you gave someone the benefit of the doubt? Overlooked their past? Pressed the “refresh” button and looked at them through new eyes?


I had epiphany.


 All my life I have felt different. My heart is open and people with the best intentions have told me over and over to close it. I have been raked over the coals of false judgment and misunderstandings from people who live from their heads and think it is crazy to actually take a leap, risk getting hurt, or being vulnerable to the point of transparency.


Crazy of me to put all my cards on the table at the get go and say, I would rather look you in the eyes and have a genuine conversation than to play the game.


My epiphany was that if a majority of society is living from their head and not their heart, then my “differences” are absolute beautiful and rare gifts given to me…not for judgment…but for truly LIVING life the way it is meant to be lived.



I am like an HDTV with a built in blue ray DVD…everything I sense, see, feel, hear, and experience is kicked up a notch because I, thank the heavens above, came into this life with heart wide open. And no matter how many people have tried, whether conscious or unconscious, to close it…it is just never going to happen.


I will not change.


I will not pretend to be something I am not, just so I can fit in and be accepted.


I will not cower or turn down my light so others can feel comfortable in their darkness…


How about you? You with me? You living your life heart wide open? You have your light on full blast? Are you allowing yourself to feel the full spectrum of feelings?


Are your every day connections and experiences playing out in black and white or like that HDTV I mentioned earlier?


To what depth are you allowing your connections to touch you?


It isn’t about the type of communication, whether an email, text, phone call, or face to face conversation. It is about how open your heart is in all of these things.


 Don’t let technology drain the love out of your connections-


Heart wide open…the only way to live this life.





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