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Day 26 of my 365 day challenge to write…Can attraction grow…like a fungus?

Posted Sep 23 2010 9:03am

Last night, I ran into an old friend of mine.

It was the usual, hey…how have you been…what are you up to now? Then came the,”You seeing anyone?”…I hate that question.

It just puts you on the spot because if you’re not and you weren’t the last time you saw them…you just see that look come over their face of half concern, half there must be some sort of defect in you…

I, of course, gave the same answer I have answered the last three years, “Nope. Not seeing anyone. How about you?”

She gave me a different answer than the last time I had seen her, which was, “ I am…been about a year now.”

I stood and listened as she described in detail how they met and then she lost me.

They met at work function in which she first laid eyes on him and felt NADA. NADA. Nothing. No attraction, no little tingle to want to mingle, nothing!

They proceeded to be casual friends for over a year.

Then one day they are out with friends, she gets too drunk..he drives her home…she pukes while he holds her hair back and love is born.


The next words out of her mouth got me seriously thinking…

He just grew on me.”

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to a serious relationship, I don’t want to view my lover like I would a tumor.

Can attraction really grow? Like a fungus?

Maybe that is why I am giving the same answer three years later…not seeing anyone.

It takes a lot for me to be attracted. Lots of elements.

However, I would rather be shampooing my neighbors chihuahua or watching paint dry rather than watching a guy “grow” on me.

Just my opinion…maybe there is something to what she said….I mean, she is the one having the year long relationship so far…

Any thoughts on the fungus growing attraction theory?

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