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Day 24 of my 30 day challenge to write…Genie in a bottle baby, gotta rub me the right way.

Posted Jul 15 2010 9:42pm




I sat talking with a friend tonight about what it is women need.


It amazes me how many men treat their jobs or their cars with more attention than they give their women.


Somewhere along the lines men got the message that it is ok to be lazy.


All the while, their little flower in the garden is weltering away…


I don’t think men have fully come to terms with the fact that it is more of an even playing ground now than it has ever been.


If they are not willing to pay attention and nurture what is in front of them…someone will pass by and notice that little flower needs some water…some sunlight…to be talked to…to be fed.


And they will do it. That little flower will bloom like it is springtime…even in the winter- with a little love.


I just want to sit men down sometimes and say…you know your car? How you tune it up, regular oil changes, detail it. Rotate and align those tires. Know that little sticker they put that says when you need to do your next one by?


Take that same concern and put it into your woman.


Do you enjoy taking the car and sitting and waiting for the oil to be changed? No. It isn’t probably on your top 5 things to do in life. But you do it any way. Because you want to take care of your car and your car to take care of you.


How come it is so hard for men to maintain the same amount of responsibility when it comes to their relationships?


How many things could be avoided by men if they would just learn this simple rule.


She is a genie in a bottle. Rub her the right way and she will grant you ANYTHING you want .  ANYTHING.


Put that bottle up on a shelf and let the dust collect and sit there and wonder why your wishes are never granted…duh!!!


This one is going to be a short post tonight…I am tired:).


I do think I have said enough to hopefully get some man’s attention.


 If you can’t approach with your heart first, maybe approach it in this logical way. Your heart will follow once you see the results.



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