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Day 22 of my 30 day challenge to write…Domino’s pizza delivery- body shot girl & rose colored glasses.

Posted Jul 13 2010 4:42pm



Looking through rose colored glasses.


There are two types of people in this world.


Ones who get looked at through rose colored glasses and ones who get looked at through a magnifying glass.


I fall under the magnifying glass. I have dealt with that my whole life. People’s first instinct is to look for the flaws. They look and look until they come up with them…


Then there are some who have many obvious flaws that get looked at through rose colored glasses.


Not saying my flaws are not obvious…because to me they are.


It is just something I have observed.


Take my friend for instance.


She has been into this guy for months. They talk but have not taken it further.


She is wickedly smart, witty, funny, sexy, beautiful…a Goddess.


She has worn her heart on her sleeve, part of her charm.


I get a call from her this week…totally dumbfounded.


The guy she is into is into some chick that I know.


This girl that he is now interested in…I met her for the first time at a club where I was listening to music with friends. This girl was all over the place…flirting with every guy that walked by. Uber sexual in her approach, which I don’t judge at all… But, it smacked of insecurity…not confidence.


I decided I was going to try and help that girl. I sat and talked to her, me being a decade older than her…


And just when I thought I was getting through…trust me, there weren’t many deep layers to get “through” to…I turned and started talking to some of my friends.



I hadn’t left her alone for even five minutes before I heard the DJ yell over the microphone, “BODY SHOTS ON THE BAR!!!”


I look over and in my horror…there is my little head case lying on the bar with 3 guys doing shots off of her stomach.


Now I find my other friend, the Goddess one, on the other end of the phone line totally shocked…


And to tell you the truth, I was too.


This crazy girl used to deliver pizza’s for Dominos; up until a couple of months ago! Not that there is anything wrong with that…but, my Goddess friend is a very talented song writer…successful…amazing.


She is sexy…siren sexy…but you won’t find her doing body shots on the bar at a club.


I hung up with her thinking what the hell is wrong with some men?


And right when I was about to be the most judgmental that I can get…


I realized you just can’t help who you are attracted to.


Maybe he digs girls like that. Maybe he needs a girl like that. Maybe he is seeing her through rose colored glasses while looking at my less flawed friend through a magnifying glass.


Sucks and is unfair…but at the end of the day…is what it is.


How do you look at people in your life?


I am going to be more aware…and try to put away my rose colored glasses…and my magnifying glass too.






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