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Day 21 of my 365 day challenge to write…My “when hurt” to do list.

Posted Sep 02 2010 2:39pm

Someone asked me today at lunch how to get over an offense…when someone comes a long and just knocks the wind out of your sails…of course, my answers back were sarcastic- did get me thinking though… and so I have compiled this list:


1. Buy a bottle of red wine and chocolate chip cookies for dinner…breakfast too.


2. Give yourself permission to carry on like a crazy personwhen you’re alone  in your car, saying exactly what it is you think and feel…out loud.


3. Shake your head back and forth and repeat the word, “unbelievable” over and over again.


4. Skip all vegetables, protein or anything that does not consist of carbs or alcohol.


5. Drive by a couple holding hands or jogging together and scream “LOVE BITES” out the window…


6. Delete their number from your phone…then put it back in…then delete it again…then put it back in…then delete it again…


7. Find a friend who has had some form of injury or recent surgery and tell them you are in pain and could use one of those little “pills”…proceed to sleep it off for two days.


8. Shake your head back and forth…repeat…


9. Rearrange all your furniture until your bedroom doesn’t resemble the scene of the crime(s).


10.  Count up every last penny you spent on that person and then buy yourself a sexy pair of shoes of equal value.


11.  For every single thing that person did or said to make you feel less than what you are? Do something for yourself that reminds you of your value.


12.  Sit outside and play the “Bless you” game. For every single person you lay eyes on say- “ Bless you” in your mind to them. After about the 5th one you feel better.


13.  Write a song about it. Even if you don’t know how…just write some concoction of words and emotions and then sing it to the top of your lungs in the shower.


14.  Give yourself permission to use profanities. Lots and lots of them.


15.  Find a mustard seed size of gratitude…for the fact that if you are hurt? That means your heart is still thriving in a world where most are living from their head.


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