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Day 2 of my 30 day challenge to write… Wah, wah, wah…go ahead…cry a little more.

Posted Jun 22 2010 10:38am



I always look for signs in three’s. I ask for them. Crazy or not. I ask and I get them… when I am looking for them.


Last night, while laying in my insomnia like state…I thought about what I was going to write about today, day 2, of my 30 day challenge.


I got nothing. No ideas. No cute little inspiration. Nada.


This morning when I awoke from the odd dream I was having, frogs…that is all I can remember….I still had no inspiration.


However, I did wake up with a song in my head. I got a new album a couple days ago and there is one song on there where the chorus just sticks in my head.


So, this morning the chorus was in my head,  ‘don’t it make you wanna cry…’-


Now, the song was gone out of my head as soon as I put a little Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash live on my IPOD.


I got ready for my breakfast meeting…this time with ‘Always on my mind” stuck in my head…


Walked down the hall…pushed the down button for the elevator while I watched yet another discussion about the oil spill on the TV in front of the elevator.


I heard the ding of the elevators arrival and as I turned my head to look… the doors opened and the elevator was packed. A challenge for me, since I speak only in “umm and uhuhs”  pre-coffee.


I didn’t have to speak since there was already a conversation started that I , being late arrival on the elevator, didn’t have privy to.


They were talking about how hot it has been the last couple of days and I only became semi -conscious out of my pre-starbucks coma when the man standing next to me said,    “ Don’t it make you wanna cry?”


I not only found it odd, I also got aggravated that the song I had awoken to was threatening to sneak past Willie and Johnny’s valiant attempt to guard the front lines of my brain.


I went on to my breakfast meeting where pancakes made me feel the farthest thing from crying…


After breakfast I checked my phone and saw that one of my good friends had called and left a voicemail.


The voicemail? “………….it just makes me want to cry.”


OK! Enough with the crying messages…


I remembered that just yesterday I had posted a quote on my Fan Page…


 “A good cry can be wonderful sometimes, and sadness is nothing more than love announced. Sadness and Unhappiness are not the same thing, so if you’re sad…be glad. It says something about you. And there are worse things. And there is this: sadness cleanses the heart.”- Neale Donald Walsh


I know people who anytime the threat of a tear presents itself, they have a wrestling match with their emotions until they shove them so far down…the moment of weakness passes them by.


I know men who can’t even recall the last time and for what they shed a tear.


I am wondering as time ticks on and we become less and less connected to anything sacred…is crying now on the endangered list…well on its way to extinction?


Watch reality TV and the answer looks like no…


But, look around to those close, or even better…within…and it seems a possibility.


I am a crier. Very sensitive little creature :)   But, even I hardly feel the urge to let it all out anymore.


And that is exactly what it is…letting it all out. Cleansing the cracks and crevices that the hard breaks in life create. It refreshes…washes away the dust and the old.


Don’t it make you wanna cry?….this blog post?;)


When is the last time you cleansed your heart and mind?


Just a thought…












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