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Day 19 of my 30 day challenge to write…A kitty litter cover up.

Posted Jul 10 2010 4:09pm



Day 19…


People are acting strange today.


Ever have one of those days?


Where either, you are the sensitive one picking up on everyone’s neurosis…or, it is a full moon and people are just acting crazy.


It has been one of those days for me and I have just sat there trying to maintain balance on my little island of Amy…while everyone else does there thing.


In these days we are living in, it is becoming harder and harder to maintain a sense of balance. Most of the people around me self medicate to achieve that sense.


I don’t want to go through life numb. Or, treating life like a litter box…you have all the crap but, are covering it up…well, guess what? It is still crap and it isn’t going anywhere…unless you clean it out.


Covering it up doesn’t clean it out.


Same with life.


You have to make the decision to remove it. That is what I have fallen in love with when it comes to life.


I am in love with free will.


The freedom to choose, hey… I don’t want you or this in my life.  


I don’t want to be a spectator, watching as things enter my life…stay and camp out in my life…like squatters… all the while, I just sit there…smoking up or boozing up or sexing up…while those “things” remain.


No. That is not how I will live my life.


I want to experience it head on. Look it dead in the eye. Love myself enough to make a choice. Live with that choice….and,


Choose again.


Brings a whole new meaning to Choose life.


 Life is not meant to be a kitty litter cover up. Life is a process of constant movement and change.


Choose your own life. Choose to have eyes wide open. Then a mind wide open …which leads to a heart wide open.


Those are my thoughts today…day 19.


Random Amy thoughts:)






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