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Day 18 of my 30 day challenge to write…I love you.

Posted Jul 09 2010 9:18am



Technically, I am behind on my challenge.


Yesterday was my Birthday…I didn’t write.


But, I did think!


I am not ashamed to say…I turned 36 yesterday.




Hard for me to believe.


I still feel 23!!


Yesterday was a day full of love. All day long. Messages and calls and texts and emails coming in.


I did something yesterday that I have never done in my 36 years of life.


I stopped and smelled the roses. Each one. Individually-


Each message. Each text. Each email. Each phone call.


I stopped and took it in. I said a thank you in my heart to the person sending it.


And, in doing so…realized how much love I have let pass me by in life.


How many gestures I have allowed to go unnoticed. How many times I have been reached out to…where, because I was too busy…or, looking for it from someone else…I ignored the one showing it to me in the moment.


It is like the story of the person on the roof with the waters rising all around them…and the boat comes by…but, the person is looking for a “specific” type of help so they pass on the rescue…


That has been me up until now. Always looking to the one who is refusing to give love…not fully taking in or allowing the one who IS giving love.


May have taken me my whole life so far…but, I changed that pattern this year.


I am grateful for where I find myself. I am grateful for the years. I am grateful for the lessons. I am grateful for my failures. I am grateful for my triumphs. I am grateful for my teachers. I am grateful for my life.




So, to all of you I say this…


Thank you….

I love you.


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