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Day 17 of my 30 day challenge to write…GRATITUDE.

Posted Jul 07 2010 7:58pm


Day 17…


I have no idea what to write about tonight.


The only thing I am feeling right now is grateful.


I love it when there are a plethora of grateful feelings moving in me.


Because, there are times in life that it becomes like a trickle…and, is something I have to conjure up in order to feel.


But, I have found gratitude is like anything else in life…the more you practice it, the easier it becomes.


If you don’t make it a priority, it is easy to overlook all the small things in life that add up to mass amounts of blessings.


Like today… I thought about the hot water in my shower. The water purifier on my shower head that ensures my clean water.


I thought about my comfortable bed. I thought about my air conditioned home.


I thought about the cleanser I have to wash my face…and the moisturizer with spf 25…


I thought about my bottled water. The venti bold coffee I had.


I thought about my cell phone.


I thought about my laptop.


I thought about my truck…even if it is v8 gas guzzler.


I thought about my friends.


I thought about my Mother…my Father…my sister…my brother-in-law…my nephew.


I thought about my love for writing; for telling a story. I thought about my website. The books I’ve written.


I thought about the songs I’ve written. The ways in which I express.


I thought about the times I have loved or, been loved.


That is how gratitude flows. You start thinking and naming one thing you can say thank you for…and you find you can’t stop.


It goes on and on and on.


What can you think of that will start your gratitude flowing tonight?


Oh, did I mention I am grateful for all of you? :)



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