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Day 14 of my 365 day challenge to write…I will be your Wonder Woman…you can be my Superman.

Posted Aug 19 2010 1:23pm


Thank goodness for guy friends.




Most of the time I don’t even have to specifically ask for their advice.


In fact, most the time I just have to throw out a hypothetical situation and off they go…


Giving me the exact answer I was seeking.


Women tend to make things too difficult.


Read too much into words or actions. I am guilty of this as well.


Sometimes it takes hearing from a guy that most times…it is simply just this…


A + B= C


Not, A by the square root of B equals C divided by D…


It’s not that complicated.


We need each other. I am realizing this more and more in life. Where some people believe the differences between men and women are like some cruel joke…I believe it is actual perfection.


It really is a shame how we take our differences and use them against each other instead of taking them and using them to enhance the other.


Sometimes it is nice for men to have the eyes of a woman looking into a situation…


It is the difference between looking with natural eyes at something and then looking through binoculars at that same ‘something’.


Women have the ability to see 3D…or see right through…x-ray vision. And just like that, a man has a superhuman power…just from a woman’s perspective into something.


Sometimes women need to see something with no emotion attached. No complex web being cast over it…no expectations or prejudgments. That is when men give women the ability to see the basic structure of something…not being distracted by the rest.


I wonder what it would be like if a little gratitude and appreciation were given to each of the sexes…instead of underlined distaining of each other…if we would then begin to work it out together. This thing called life. Bringing out the best in each other; being teammates instead of enemies.


Just a thought today.


How can you appreciate the opposite sex today? Point out and acknowledge something cool about their abilities that you don’t necessarily possess in yourself?


Can you show a little respect or gratitude for the differences you see? And instead of pointing them out with cynicism, actually see them like little super human powers they’ve been given…just like you?


Can’t I be your Wonder Woman today and you be my Super Man? We have different strengths…different weaknesses…but we are in it together? Fighting for the good of all mankind?:)










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