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Day 13 of my 365 day challenge to write…Games, love and arrangements…oh my!

Posted Aug 18 2010 8:23am


Last night was the night to talk all things relationship…


Talking and listening are two distinctively different things.


I listened.


While I thought.


Which I guess is the same as talking…just not out loud:).


Is there anything Sacred anymore?


Love? The respect of another’s feelings? Selflessness?


I had my own conversation yesterday with someone that made me ask these questions.


Why is we go into relations with people strategically placing ourselves in the position of control?


We all do it. You find the person who is saying they are not a game player and I will show you a game player.


It is human nature. A protection mechanism.


So, the question that is produced from such communication is this…


Is any of it real?


The first moments? The adoration? The flow that causes you to want to pour out to that other person? The excitement when you hear from them? The desire to want to support and help that person? The attraction? The kiss? The touch? The endless night?


Any of it real?


If subconsciously we are adjusting ourselves at all times in order to defend our pride and ego…then is each move contrived?


I spoke with a man last night about arranged marriages. I know a lot of friends from cultures where this is a way of life for them.


When I first discovered and studied the “arranged” marriage I was appalled. What?? No romance? No choice? No kismet? No lust? No spontaneity?




Well, I then with an open mind… listened.


Listened to the children talk about the process.


Listened to the parents speak of choosing who they feel would best for their child’s personality and ways.


Sometimes…although it is not for me…I think there is something to that.


Making a choice based on everything other than physical attraction.


Who knows. I am just thinking out loud this morning…


Sometimes I look around and I don’t recognize the world I live in anymore.


Every day I have to in some way stand diligent at the gates of my inner most treasured beliefs…


Like that love still trumps all. That is one belief I will defend till the end…


No matter what or how screwed up relationships get on this planet…


There is something still Sacred in this world…



Nothing can or ever will change that.






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