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Day 11 of my 30 day challenge to write…Lady Gaga and the pendulum swing.

Posted Jul 01 2010 7:02pm



Day 11…


I have no desire to write.


No write drive.


No creative juices flowing.


No…I want to get in a hot bath. Put a movie on and forget about the day.


I have to admit that the last 11 days I have felt like the Lady Gaga of writing.


Sometimes, I get up and think to myself, “today the writing needs to be a little more creative, a little more outrageous, little more shocking, a little more embellished, a little better than the last one.”


Today I struggled most of the day. With what, I am not sure. Just some days you wake up and you are better and some days you wake up and you are not quite as good as you were the day before.


I call it the pendulum swing. When your energy has been just right and you have created great things and manifested great things and been on this little artistic high…


There is always the swing to the other side…


Over the years I have learned to watch for that pendulum swing and sometimes I duck in time.


Today, not the case.



The time between a compete swing of a pendulum, from left to right, is called a period.


So, I guess you could say I got my period today;)


Creativity is not something that can be forced. It is not something that can be demanded or conjured up, if it doesn’t want to be conjured up.


Creativity is like a woman.


It needs to be courted and pursued and adored…but, just like a woman…it is always its prerogative whether it will allow you in or not.


And, it is in these ebbs and tides that the appreciation for the gift of creativity is felt most.


So, I am off to my bath. I presented my creativity with an offering of love today…all my gratitude and let her know I miss her greatly.


Now, I must wait to hear from her. :)



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